Once a month you might find yourself opening the mail and cringing at your cable bill, but later that night you’re in front of the TV watching your favorite primetime show. It might seem like a conundrum: keep the cable or not. On one hand you could never stand to give up your programs, but on the other you could save a ton every month without that bill! The good news is that there are options to help you cut cable while keeping up with your must-watch programs – one of the best is online streaming services.


For many cable or satellite subscribers, online streaming can be just the thing they need to cut the cord for good! In fact streaming services were a big catalyst to the shift toward cable alternatives and the birth of the cord-cutting movement. These and other services allow you to watch existing favorites and discover new ones. Over the years online streaming giants such as Netflix and Hulu have begun creating exclusive content, which further changed the way we watch television. It also gave their customers even more of a reason to love their service!


So you might be asking yourself, “How do I know what service is right for me?” Well, I’m glad you asked. See, it’s a part of the way I help folks cut the cord. Typically I’d learn a bit about what type of programs are a must-have for you and your household. Certain shows you used to watch via your cable subscription may be available on one streaming service, but not another. For many primetime shows from the major broadcasting networks, Hulu is a good go-to. If you prefer having a wide variety of on-demand shows, movies, and comedy specials, as well as original content that’s unavailable anywhere else, Netflix is a good option for you. If you’re already an Amazon Prime subscriber, their catalog of shows and movies is already available to you!


You might be thinking, “What about keeping up with my favorite sports?” Great news: there are even streaming services that allow you to keep up on your sports, and even watch them live. Again, this is something I typically help clients with, so once I know what sports you need access to, I can help you determine which services are best.


So, what’s to love about online streaming? There are lots of perks besides saving big when it comes to online streaming services. You can subscribe to more than one service and your monthly costs will still drop significantly from when you had cable. Not to mention, then all your shows are available on your time! And there are even free streaming services, so if you have a streaming-capable device, your only monthly cost is the electricity your TV uses! Most streaming services provide you with endless entertainment options, far more than even your cable service.


Determining if streaming is right for you and which services are the best fit can save you a bundle every month. So if you’re ready to cut the cord, contact the experts at Cable Alternatives. Call us at 763-571-1037 today to begin discovering your path to a cable-free life!