If you’re overhauling your budget or trying to cut corners financially to pay off debt, your cable or satellite TV service might be one of the first things on the chopping block. The average cost for a television service provider might make you seriously consider budget friendly cable alternatives! That’s why we’re here.


We got started helping family and friends reduce their monthly costs by switching some things up. Here’s how we usually help people save up to an average of $100 per month on the cost of their TV entertainment.


Online Streaming Services

The beauty of online streaming is its on-demand nature and variety of selection. You watch what you want, when you want. Thousands of options available at the click of a button. Watch on a computer or on a streaming capable device or TV, such as Roku or RokuTV. One of many streaming services or maybe a combination of them can help you continue enjoying your shows at a more budget-friendly amount. A low-cost option in comparison to a monthly cable service subscription, these prices don’t shoot up after a year and there’s no contract.


●        Netflix

Maybe at one point, they were delivering movies to you in the mail – now, Netflix is the biggest name in online streaming. The company even produces high-quality original content, exclusively available to their subscribers. Older shows that are discontinued, previous seasons of current shows, a variety of movies, and comedy specials abound!


●        Hulu

A great source for commercial-free access to both major broadcast content and – not unlike Netflix – original content produced by Hulu known as Hulu Originals. With this subscription, you’ll find access to a different set of shows than some other services, such as a variety of british programs that are available and current primetime episodes available next-day.


●        Amazon Prime Video

Two birds with one stone, if you utilize Amazon Prime to order things to your home with free shipping, you can also take advantage of the entertainment that comes with your subscription! If you already have an annual Amazon Prime membership, you may not have been aware of the huge selection of movies, documentaries, and original Amazon content available to you through Amazon Video. Enjoy Prime content through your computer or by using the app on a streaming device or streaming capable TV.


●        Sling TV

Sling can be a great option for the budget-conscious sports fan. Select either ESPN or Fox Sports channels to keep up with your favorite local teams. Sling also has a variety of other content available, so it can be a great option for everyone else in your household too.


●        HBO Now

Perhaps you just can’t miss a single episode of Game of Thrones, but you’re trying to save money – you don’t have to hold onto cable for HBO anymore! HBO Now makes the same content available to you online or via streaming app on a device. Keep up with the latest shows everyone’s talking about, but don’t break the bank.


●        Broadcast Network Apps

The broadcasting giants have their own apps where you can watch their shows. Often new episodes become available next day and most of these apps are free. They may limit to only the most recent episodes, so if you keep up on your favorite programs this could be a great way to keep enjoying TV. Apps can be used through a streaming device, smart TV, or you can watch online on a computer or even a cell phone.



●        Digital TV antenna

While there is a cost associated with installing a high-quality digital TV antenna, if it’s right for you the cost can pay for itself in no time compared to the skyrocketing costs of cable and satellite. Not only that, but the picture is even better than those services! So watch the big game on Sunday or your favorite Thursday night drama. An antenna can even be combined with a digital video recorder, known as a DVR, so you can record your shows and watch them on your time.


Free Resources

Of course we never can ignore great free resources for those looking for the cheapest options. Check out what’s available for free through your local library, and head to YouTube and Vimeo which are offering some longer content now as well.


Cable Alternatives Can Save You Big

Whatever methods you choose, there are plenty of cost-effective ways to enjoy television entertainment without cable or satellite. On average, Cable Alternatives customers save up to $100 every month – that’s no chump change!


Contact us to get started putting your hard earned dollars to better use, while still maintaining a responsible budget. You can reach us via phone at 763-571-1037, or get in touch via email with us at info@cablealternatives.com