For many, cable TV or satellite service is a luxury and a staple in life. The idea of trying to part with your current TV service in order to save money is out of the question. What cable providers want you to think is that they are the only way to watch TV and you can’t live without them. There are lots of misconceptions about life without cable tv that your provider probably wants you to keep believing, but at Cable Alternatives, we want to set the record straight.


Misconception #1: There’s No Match For Your Current Options

This is probably the biggest misconception when it comes to cutting the cord. Many people don’t know that there’s a way to get access to the same programs, without the crazy monthly bill. It’s all a part of what we do at Cable Alternatives during an in-home consultation. We find out what your watching habits are and what programs are must-haves, then we’ll offer up a plan that suits those needs. Your plan might involve an antenna, online streaming subscriptions, and a digital video recorder (DVR).


Misconception #2: Picture quality won’t be as good

Often an important component of Cable Alternatives cord-cutting solution is installing a digital TV antenna. Cable and satellite providers would want you to think that over-the-air signal isn’t as good as the quality you receive from them. And actually they’re right – it’s better. Granted a digital antenna may not be the only way we help you enjoy TV at a reduced cost, it is a great piece of the puzzle with a one-time cost that will pay for itself.


Misconception #3: Your Selection Will Be Limited

Another thing your current provider might want you to believe is that you won’t have as many options for entertainment which is far from the truth! In fact, we set up households all the time with a significantly greater selection of programs, channels, and services than their previous provider gave them at a fraction of the cost. That’s the beauty of cutting the cord: expand your options and control, reduce your monthly bills!


Misconception #4: You Can’t Get Your Regular Programs

As mentioned above, familiarizing ourselves with your TV watching needs is a part of the cord cutting process. We work with you to get everything you do out of your cable or satellite service, without their hefty costs.


What’s not to love about more options and less monthly bills? Well, you’ll love it but your cable or satellite provider probably won’t. To learn more about cutting the cord and cutting your entertainment costs, contact Cable Alternatives today! You can reach us at 763-571-1037 or via email at