As cutting the cable cord is becoming a popular option for saving money, understanding which streaming options are right for you can seem complicated. Without the right guidance, some people find themselves paying too much for their streaming bills. To be able to watch your favorite channels, shows, and movies, and to avoid a high monthly bill, use the following tips to find a streaming service that fits your budget.


1.      Do your research.

Be sure to utilize various online resources to compare all the online streaming services available. Before you get started, it helps to know what you’re looking for. This way it’ll be easier to compare the services and narrow down which services has the specific elements you need.


As you continue your research, you’ll want to be aware of “deals” offered by these streaming service providers. Read carefully so you don’t miss information on a discounted package option, or even a hidden cost that you normally wouldn’t have been aware of. It’s important that you know exactly what you’ll be paying so there aren’t surprises when you receive your first bill.


2.      Make a list of your priorities.

Not everyone wants exactly the same things in their TV viewing experiences, therefore, it’s important to know what you need in yours. Are you willing to give up live sports? Do you want those cable news channels? As you answer these questions for yourself, compile a list of the specific channels you will want, first. Then write down how much you’re willing to pay with your overall package.


3.      Utilize the free trials.

Some of the more popular streaming services include Sling TV, DirecTV Now, Netflix, HBO Now, and Hulu offer anywhere from 5- to 30-day free trials. If you’re having trouble deciding which streaming service is right for you, test a few options. Be sure to pay attention to the types of shows and movies available and/or the various channels available as well. Once you find one you feel is a perfect fit, you can begin your subscription.


*Note: Do NOT forget to cancel your free-trial subscriptions on all of the other streaming networks once you’re done. Otherwise, they will automatically sign you up as a paying member.


4.      Try a subscription rotation.

Perhaps you know that during football season, having access to certain sports channels, such as ESPN or Fox Sports, are necessary to watch your favorite games. Or perhaps you know you only want to watch HBO Now for a specific HBO-made show that only airs in the summer. Whatever viewing scenarios you require, you can rotate your subscriptions to keep your overall bill as low as possible. The great thing about streaming subscriptions is you can cancel or restart them at any time, and you don’t have to call customer service to do so!


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