If you’re thinking of getting rid of cable in your home, there is quite a bit of information to learn, especially if you still want to keep your internet for streaming purposes. How much is a typical internet package? Is internet easy to set up in your home? If you’ve asked yourself the following questions when contemplating getting rid of cable, Cable Alternatives is here to help.


1 | “What happens to my internet when I cut the cord?”

Most homeowners in today’s world have their cable and internet bundled into one package. Because of this bundle, a common misconception cable cutters have is that they won’t be able to keep their internet once they get rid of cable. On the contrary, you can cancel your bundled package and instead go with a single internet package from your internet provider.


2 | “Won’t they jack the price up?”

If your internet and cable were originally bundled with your cable company, then your single internet bill will be less than that bundle. However, the reason people choose to bundle those options is because having a separate internet and cable bill is more expensive than bundling them together. So odds are, your internet provider could still raise your internet rate by a very small fraction. Though, in the end, the overall monthly cost should be less than the cost of having a cable subscription.


3 | “What type of package do I need in order to stream online?”

If you’re thinking of cutting your cable cord and switching to watching your favorite shows and movies via a streaming service, you will need to keep your internet. However, it can seem daunting reading about the various internet “strength” packages that most internet companies offer.


Most households can successfully stream 22-25 mbps (megabits per second). There is no need to sign up with a package that includes 80-100 mbps; it’s unnecessarily high, and odds are, you’d be overpaying for an internet strength you don’t even need. We understand deciphering these numbers and package options can get confusing, so Cable Alternatives is here to help you make that important decision.


4 | “I don’t know how to set up internet in my home.”

If you already had a cable and internet bundle prior to cutting the cable cord, odds are, not much else will need to be done to ensure your internet works the same as before. However, if you never had internet in your home or if you want to include WiFi (wireless internet) in your home as an addition, Cable Alternatives can help. We have the expertise and equipment to properly set up your modem and router for future WiFi use. Additionally, if you don’t need WiFi but still want to stream on your TVs, we can install ethernet wiring throughout your home to ensure all your televisions can stream seamlessly.


If you’re interested in finally getting rid of your cable and switching to an internet-only home, contact the experts at Cable Alternatives today!