Is your cable bill one of those unwanted stressors that is weighing you down each month? Just in the last year, millions of Americans opted to end their contracts with their cable providers.

You may have heard of your friends, neighbors, or relatives cutting their cable cords recently, however, this can be a difficult decision to make. How will you still be able to watch your favorite TV shows? Digital TV antennas, streaming devices, and Wi-Fi streaming services are all excellent ways to ditch cable and stay on top of the action.


Antenna | The TV antennas used in homes today have come a long way and are more advanced than the antennas used even a decade ago. They are perfect for accessing your local broadcasting channels as well as network television, depending on the model you choose. This means you’ll have the option to watch your favorite local channels and shows, news, and sports.


We recommend our customers get a centrally installed digital antenna, which can be installed in your attic or on the roof, depending on where you live. No matter the type of antenna you choose for your home, Cable Alternatives


Streaming Device and Service | If you want to have more variety in the types of network stations you want to access, you will likely want a streaming media player. With an internet connection, a streaming device allows you stream all of your favorite with a specified subscription. We recommend the following devices: Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. And don’t be daunted by having to choose a specific streaming subscription. The experts at Cable Alternatives can help you determine which type of streaming provider and subscription is right for you based on your specific needs.


Wi-Fi | Though you will need an internet connection for a streaming device, you won’t necessarily require Wi-Fi. A wireless connection comes in handy when you want to stream shows or movies through a streaming service on your phone, tablet or directly from your smart TV. This will require a router and modem, or a router/modem combo box for your wireless streaming needs.


If you’re not sure if your connection is fast enough for your streaming needs, our team will ensure you have internet speeds that can handle the extent of your streaming content.


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