So you’ve chosen to get rid of your cable package altogether. Now what? If your household is like many others, odds are, your internet and cable is bundled into one package with your cable company. This means you already have internet flowing to your home while you still pay the bill. However, if you only pay for cable and not internet and don’t own an internet router, you probably do not have internet access in your home.


A strong internet speed, and an internet connection for that matter, is important if you want to continue watching your cable-based shows without the cable. And it’s possible with streaming.


What is Media Streaming?


Streaming shows through internet-based streaming devices is one of the up-and-coming ways families are watching their favorite network TV shows. Even without cable, you can continue watching your favorite shows and movies with a simple internet connection and a media streaming device.


Devices include:

●        Roku

●        AppleTV

●        Amazon FireTV


With a simple subscription and one of the above devices, you can stream apps such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling, Netflix, and more. To learn more about what types of shows and movies are available through these services, contact Cable Alternatives.


Why Internet Speed Matters When You Stream


Depending on your household size and the number of streaming devices and TVs you have, you’re going to need, different speed strengths coming into your home. If you pay for a lower internet speed but are streaming on multiple devices at once, you may experience slow loading speeds and poor connections to your devices.


With an average household size, speeds of 15-20 mb/s can be sufficient. Let’s break that down:


●        If you have one to two people in your household and you mostly watch broadcast TV, 12 mb/s is good.

●        If your household is larger (5+), and you do a lot of streaming, you may want to consider 25 mb/s or more.


Avoid temporary speed enhancing services, such as blast. It's generally good to start with a lower speed service and then upgrade if you think it’s necessary.


You Don’t Need Internet for Over-The-Air TV


If your favorite shows are all on local broadcast channels, you don’t necessarily need an internet connection at all. Instead, you will require an antenna installation and possibly a converter box, depending on the type of TV you own. We can help you understand the different options and develop a solution that’s just right for you.


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