As summer winds down, kids start to return to school. Summer habits can be hard to break, and it can be difficult to keep kids away from the television when they should be reading or completing homework. Luckily, many streaming devices and services come with parental controls to help limit screen time or censor the available television stations.

Parental Control Streaming Devices

Many media streaming devices come with some level of parental controls. Apple TV probably has the strictest level of parental controls available. This streaming device allows the parent to set up a PIN that restricts access to certain channels, apps, purchases, and streaming services. Additionally, restrictions can be applied to shows with certain age restrictions and ratings.


Other devices, like the Chromecast, which rely on your computer to provide streaming contact, can become more difficult. Luckily, most operating systems, such as Windows and iOS, have the ability to limit which shows and streaming channels are available to children. Unfortunately, if the kids have access to the computer, chances are they will be able to override any parental controls.


Unfortunately, some streaming devices have very limited parental controls. Probably least secure is the Roku. This device allows certain channels to be restricted with a PIN code, but only when applied to new channel purchases. Old purchases cannot have a PIN retroactively applied. Parental control can still be applied to certain networks and shows by utilizing the individual streaming service parental controls.

Parental Control Streaming Services

Luckily, individual streaming services have the ability to restrict access, even if the streaming device itself does not completely restrict access to your standards. Many services, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, allow parents to restrict the content that is viewed to various age ranges and maturity levels. Netflix allows parents to choose to restrict access from categories such as Little Kids, Older Kids, Teens, and Adults. Other services, like Hulu, allow parents to restrict access based on the type of device the content is being streamed to. This way, if a child only streams content to a Roku device, the parent can have full control over that individual device.


One of the best ways to cut the cord to cable is to utilize a streaming service. These services not only give you the same access to network and live television, but come at just a fraction of the price of cable. The team at Cable Alternatives can help you select the right streaming device for you, and can help you set up your preferences. Our team is knowledgeable and caring, and available to answer all your questions about parental controls. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today.