Technology around the world is continuing to advance every day, and television technology is no different. Most available televisions on the market today are some form of Smart TV. These televisions have a range of abilities and technology built into them, making a more enjoyable television experience. Below, let's examine some of the best tech features included in Smart TVs.

●      Voice Controls

New Smart TV technology has made controlling your television even easier. Now, you have the ability to control your television with just the sound of your voice. Smart TVs have the ability to do basic controls such as "channel up, channel down," or "Volume up" simply by speaking to the TV. Smart TVs will also allow you to search for something to watch simply by speaking a genre or particular movie. Voice controls are able to recognize direct communication with the television and will not pick up errant commands from ambient conversation.

●      Fast Response Time

As Smart TV technology continues to improve, one of the best features of Smart TVs seems to also be the simplest. Many Smart TVs have updated technology that reduces the lag time when changing television stations. In older televisions, there can be quite a delay while trying to simply scroll through the guide or changing from station to station. New Smart TV tech eliminates this lag, creating a smooth transition between channels and apps.

●      Streaming Video

One of the main attractions of Smart TVs is the ability to integrate streaming services directly to the television. Using the Smart TV home screen, Smart TV owners will be able to directly link to their Netflix, Amazon, or YouTube accounts. This feature makes it incredibly easy to access streaming services simply with the touch of a button. Smart TVs only require an internet connection to be able to view streaming video.

●      Streaming Audio

While televisions certainly are used for watching live TV and streaming video, several people fail to utilize the streaming audio functionality. Many Smart TVs have access to live streaming audio services from companies such as Spotify, Rhapsody, and iHeart Radio. Not only are you able to access your own playlists, but you have access to libraries including millions of songs. Utilize your home theater and television speakers to broadcast music through your home.


Having a Smart TV opens a new world of possibilities. Not only do new features make streaming services easier to utilize, but Smart TVs have the ability to create a custom viewing experience.


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