Cutting the cord and accessing popular TV shows and movies has never been easier with the development of streaming devices. With all the different options available, knowing which streaming device is best for you can be difficult. Two of the most popular media streaming devices is the Amazon Fire TV system and the Roku. Understanding how these two options differ can help you make the decision best suited for you.


The first characteristic to note about each device is their prices. While the Roku starts at $30, Fire TV starts at $40. This makes both options extremely affordable options for accessing streaming services. Both devices require an internet connection to access the available apps and features. While both options are excellent considerations for your next streaming device, there are slight differences that may cause you to sway to one or the other.


Layout of Menu | While the Amazon Fire may present you with a variety of apps, its layout proves busier and more complex when compared to the Roku. Users find the Roku easier to navigate as its layout is more straightforward and doesn’t have undesired movie and show recommendations.


Search Features | Users also find Roku’s search results more straightforward when compared to the Amazon Fire. Roku’s search platform allows you to access desired apps and shows easier. Amazon Fire’s search can be confusing for the user as it can be misleading and difficult to navigate.


Remote Control | Both devices come with an easy-to-use remote control. A convenient feature to the Roku’s remote is the shortcut buttons that take you directly to popular apps such as Netflix. Both later versions of remotes are also able to control the volume and power of your TV so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of multiple remote controls.


Installation | The Roku and Amazon Fire have an extremely simple setup. Simply plug the devices into your TV’s HDTV ports and connect the device to your internet’s network. From there, you can download any apps and channels you desire.


Voice Command | The Amazon Fire pulls through with its voice command feature. Using the Alexa Voice Command feature included in the system, you can quickly pull up movies, shows, and apps. As for the Roku, only select versions come equipped with a voice command feature.


Mobility | Another benefit of using either device is their ability to easily plug into other TVs. If you want to bring your Roku or Fire on your next vacation to ensure you have access to your favorite movies and TV shows, you can easily bring it with you. Just make sure you have the information to connect the device to the internet.


Cutting the cord and switching to a streaming device can save you money every month. The Roku and Amazon Fire are both equipped with noteworthy features and benefits. For further assistance in finding the streaming device best for you, contact our experts at Cable Alternatives today.