If you’re ready to start saving money and cut the cable cord, there are several cable alternative options to consider. Among your options is installing an antenna. Antennas are an affordable and reliable option for accessing your favorite shows and entertainment events. Additionally, the team at Cable Alternatives can help you with the installation and maintenance process of adding an antenna to your home.

How an Antenna Works

Antennas work similarly to radios. They pick up signals that allow them to broadcast local channels to your television. With recent technology, antennas are able to supply high-quality pictures to your TV.


Most TVs purchased after 2007 will work with antennas. Even during storms and bad weather, your antenna should still supply you with your over-the-air channels. You can also feel confident knowing the picture provided by your antenna will be even clearer than the image supplied by your cable box. Because cable companies often compress hundreds of channels into a single signal, antennas can give you the viewing experience you deserve.


With your antenna, you will receive around 20 to 30 channels around the Twin Cities area. You will receive all of the major broadcast channels including ABC, CBS, PBS, and FOX. With these channels, you’ll also be able to watch entertainment’s most exciting events including the Academy Awards, the Grammys, and the Big Game.

How Cable Alternatives Will Assist You

If for some reason your antenna is malfunctioning, the Cable Alternatives team will provide you with top-notch customer support. We stand by the services we provide our customers. We’ll stick with you throughout the entire process from installation to support.


If you’re unfamiliar with the world of antennas, finding the best option for your home can seem like a challenging process. Our team of experts can help you determine which antenna will suit your needs best. We’ll assess your needs and requirements to ensure we install the cable alternative capable of giving you access to the shows and entertainment you want most.

Contact Cable Alternatives for Your Cord-Cutting Needs

Our team of experts at Cable Alternatives is ready to help you start saving money while enjoying your favorite shows and games. Whether your goal is to cut back on monthly bills each month or you want a clearer image while you watch TV, a new antenna is an excellent cord-cutting option.


To schedule an appointment with our team of antenna experts, contact Cable Alternatives today at 763-571-1037.