You may think a cable subscription is critical for watching your favorite sports teams play. However, there are plenty of more affordable ways to watch sports, other than cable television. At Cable Alternatives, we want to help our customers save money while still enjoying their favorite games. We want to help you cut the cord and enhance your viewing experience.


There are several options to consider when cutting the cable cord. Here are a few ways you can still enjoy sports while saving money:


●        Digital Antenna | Affordable and reliable, digital antennas are a popular option when it come to cutting the cord. Antennas provide sports fanatics with the ability to watch NFL football, including Monday and Sunday night games. With beautiful picture quality, you’ll stay up-to-date with all the latest plays all season long.


Cable Alternatives provides prompt and efficient digital antenna installation services. Through our consistent communication and premium service, we’ll make sure your new system is ready to serve you.


●        Streaming Services | For sports fanatics that enjoy more than just football, streaming services provide an excellent method of watching just about any kind of sport you can imagine. Cable Alternatives can get your home set up with a streaming service with live TV options so you can catch the biggest games right when they’re happening. Don’t worry if this scenario sounds too good to be true—streaming services are significantly more affordable than you’re average cable subscription.


●        Sling TV | Sports fans will love Sling TV because of its selection of local sports. If you’re a Minnesota sports fan, consider subscribing to Sling TV. With a selection of several different viewing packages, you’ll be able to find your favorite teams whenever they play. Extremely affordable and reliable, Sling TV is an excellent option for enjoying sports after cutting the cord.


Cable Alternatives will provide you with the expert guidance and consistent customer service necessary to make your entertainment experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. Not only will our team offer extensive consultation to ensure you find the best option for your requirements, but they’ll also securely install your new system.


To schedule an appointment with our team of cord-cutting specialists, contact Cable Alternatives today at 763-571-1037. We’re ready to help you start saving money every month with an enhanced entertainment viewing experience!