Between monthly utility bills, credit card bills, and other annual costs, finding a way to cut down on expenses and save money is critical. You may not realize it, but you can eliminate your monthly cable bill and start saving money. Not sure how to take on that challenge? No worries! Cable Alternatives is ready to help you start saving money by cutting the cable cord.


Our team of cord-cutting experts will sit down with you to understand your entertainment requirements. We’ll get a good idea of the shows you can’t live without, your favorite sporting events, and the movies you’ve been wanting to watch. Based on your requirements, we’ll find another, more affordable method for you to enjoy your favorite entertainment pieces.


Here are several money-saving cord-cutting options that Cable Alternatives will install, service, and set up.


●        Antenna Installation | Making the switch from standard cable to a digital TV antenna can save you hundreds of dollars every year. Antennas completely eliminate the inconvenience of a monthly payment. They also provide more crisp and clear images compared to a cable box.


Cable Alternatives can help you start gaining access to free channels by securely installing your new antenna. From roof and attic installations to apartment and tower installations, our team can help you gain access to free and high-quality channels.


●        Streaming Services | Many TV watchers are opting for streaming services as their main source of news and entertainment. With access to thousands of shows and movies, its no wonder why streaming services make for a popular cord-cutting option. Cable Alternatives will help you get started with a streaming service that meets your needs and helps you save money every month.


●        DVR and TV Box | If you’re hoping to continue recording your favorite shows, a digital converter box my be the cord-cutting option for you. With a digital converter box, you can still access a signal with the installation of an antenna. A DVR will also give you the opportunity to record shows from your TV. This way you can still enjoy certain features and continue to save money from ditching the cable box. Cable Alternatives will help you with every step of making this transition!


●        Smart TV | Simple and widely popular, smart TVs provide you with high-resolution imagery and a plethora of streaming applications. With a smart TV, you can even access a web browser and internet. Our team will help you find a smart TV that matches your entertainment preferences and budget expectations.

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Our team of cord-cutting experts wants to help you save money every month by cutting the cable cord and enjoying more affordable entertainment options. If you’re not sure which option is best for you, or if you require assistance with installation and troubleshooting, Cable Alternatives is here for you! To schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated team members, contact us today at 763-571-1037.