If you’re ready to eliminate the monthly cost of a cable bill but you’re not ready to give up the perks of a DVR, don’t worry! Cable Alternatives will help you find an affordable alternative to cable that still allows you to record your favorite shows, games, and movies.


When cutting the cord, there are several options to consider. By taking the time to understand each option, you’ll be able to find an alternative that meets your requirements while still saving you money. Prior to making your decision, however, its best to understand exactly what DVR is and how it is still an option even after cutting the cord.



With a DVR, you can record shows and movies of your choosing. DVRs are especially helpful when you’re out of the house and can’t get to the TV in time for your show. You can preset the DVR to record the showing when it’s scheduled to broadcast. Once the DVR records the show, you’ll be able to rewind, fast forward, and pause while you watch.


DVR Without Cable

DVRs are still an option even after you cut the cord! Pair your DVR with a digital antenna for the best picture quality and entertainment access. You’ll be able to record major games and premieres with your antenna’s access to popular networks and local channels. For assistance with installation and troubleshooting, contact the team at Cable Alternatives!


DVR with a Digital TV Box

Older TVs may require a digital converter box so that it can work properly with a digital antenna. Despite this obstacle, you can still enjoy the benefits of DVR. Our team will install a converter so that your TV is able to receive the signals from your digital antenna. We’ll ensure your converter is equipped with a DVR so you can continue to record your favorite shows while saving money.


Cutting the cord doesn’t mean losing out on the opportunity to record your favorite television specials. By combining a DVR with another entertainment viewing option, you can save money every month while still catching all of your favorite shows.


If you’re ready to cut your cable bill and transition to another form of watching TV, Cable Alternatives is ready to assist you. We understand that each of our customers has specific requirements when it comes to their entertainment system. If you’re not ready to give up the benefits of DVR, we have the solution for you!


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