If you’re ready to make the switch from cable to a streaming service, you’ve probably heard of three of the most popular streaming services: Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. While the team at Cable Alternatives can assist you in installing any of these services, you should take the time to understand which option is the best for your personal requirements.


If you’re tired of paying costly cable bills every month, consider making the switch to Hulu. The monthly subscription starts at a mere $6 per month and the service provides you with endless options of movies and TV shows. You can even access shows that are exclusive to Hulu’s platform.


For a generous selection of original and popular shows and movies at an incredibly affordable price consider subscribing to Hulu. Cable Alternatives is happy to provide you with any guidance, installation, and troubleshooting services while you make the switch!


Starting at $9 per month, Netflix also holds itself as an affordable alternative to cable. Netflix provides a variety of movies and shows to choose from with a commercial-free watching experience. Netflix’s original shows and movies have generated a great deal of buzz, making Netflix a popular and dependable streaming option. You can even have up to five profiles on one account, allowing you to share the joy of Netflix with friends and family.


For a popular and highly entertaining selection of movies and shows, choose Netflix. We’ll help you install and operate your new streaming service.

Amazon Prime

Looking for a way you can watch blockbuster movies while also enjoying the two-day shipping perks of Amazon? Amazon Prime not only allows you to receive all of your favorite products in a matter of two days, but it also gives you a selection of gripping and highly entertaining movies and shows. Many users prefer Amazon Prime because of its dual benefits.

Our team of cord-cutting experts knows what it takes to effectively install and manage a dependable streaming service. We’ll help you determine the best streaming service for your specific needs and requirements. If you’re ready to cut the cord, contact Cable Alternatives today 763-571-1037.