Over the past few years, smart TVs have become one of the more accomodating and resourceful alternatives to cable TV for American television viewers. In fact, reports indicate that in the past five years, the amount of smart TV users in the U.S. has increased from 62 million to nearly 110 million, and is projected to climb up to just under 120 million by 2022.


While there are dozens of benefits to owning smart TVs, perhaps the most exciting features of these innovative forms of entertainment technology are the seemingly infinite amount of accessories owners can take advantage of to enhance their viewing experience. Whether you’ve recently purchased a smart TV or are considering investing in one, take a look at these seven must-own smart TV accessories that will do wonders for upgrading your home entertainment system.

Media Streaming Devices  

One of the biggest examples of how smart TVs have made cutting the cord easier than ever are the plethora of compatible media streaming devices available to use. Whether you’re a movie buff eager to watch the latest blockbuster hits within the comfy confines of your home, or you can never get enough sport viewing options, there’s a wide variety of affordable media streaming devices that will provide you with all the entertainment options you can handle.


Out of all of the media streaming devices available, we recommend three that we feel offer the best value, variety, and affordability:


●        Amazon FireTV

●        Roku

●        Apple TV


If you already have an Amazon account that you use relatively frequently, then choosing an Amazon FireTV streaming device might be your best bet. In addition to synching with your Amazon account, you’ll gain access to tens of thousands of streaming channel and app options, as well as a voice-controlled remote, so you won’t have to bother with clicking button after button.


Roku is generally our most recommended streaming device, primarily for being extremely accommodating to television viewers of all technological experience. It’s very easy to learn how to use, it offers essentially the same variety of streaming channel and app options as its competitors, and also is available in different device options and prices, making it simple to choose the best version of Roku for you.


As with Amazon FireTV, if you’re already a fan of Apple products, Apple TV could be the choice for you. It’s compatible with any Apple products you already own and comes equipped with original Apple TV programming and content, as well as most popular streaming apps. However, it’s a tad more expensive than the aforementioned devices, and doesn’t have access to a few popular streaming apps, such as Amazon Prime.

Sound Bar

The audio quality of most smart TVs tends to be overall sufficient, but not necessarily spectacular. If you’re interested in replicating the theater experience, then investing in a smart TV-compatible sound bar speaker is what you’re looking for.


Sound bars will instantly enhance the overall audio quality of your smart TV, and are extremely easy to set up and install, compared to other television speaker options. Sound bars typically cost anywhere between $50-$250 depending on quality, and you’ll find most of them are accessible via Bluetooth, meaning you don’t even have to directly connect them to your smart TV.

Universal Remote

If the thought of having to use too many remotes is turning you off from owning a smart TV, then fear not! Universal remote controls are a simple and often inexpensive solution to an overabundance of remotes.


These accessories will sync up to any streaming apps or channels you equip your smart TV with, so you won’t have to juggle multiple devices just to change channels or turn down the volume. Best of all, you can find dozens of universal remote devices for generally under $20.

Wall Mount

An overlooked advantage to owning a smart TV is not being limited to where you can place it. If you’re someone who doesn’t shy away from any home maintenance or installation projects, then looking into a wall mount or bracket to hold your smart TV can upgrade your viewing experience.


These accessories make it easier to adjust the height, position, or angle of your smart TV, and are generally recommended for television sets that are 50 inches or less. Wall mounts typically start at around $30, and will go up in price in relation to how flexible and supportive you’re willing to pay for.

Digital TV Antenna     

The easiest and most inexpensive way to equip your smart TV with a crystal clear, high-definition picture (without the headache of a skyrocketing cable bill) is by installing a digital TV antenna. Digital TV antennas will help your smart TV securely access all your favorite broadcast television channels at the highest quality possible.


You don’t even have to lift a finger to install the latest digital TV antenna accessories, as we here at Cable Alternatives offer professional digital TV antenna installation so you can get to channel surfing in no time!

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