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6 Best Horror Movies to Stream Fall 2021

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the country, especially with the youth. Getting in a horrifically festive spirit wouldn’t be complete without classic horror movies. However, most of the time with cable, your options on what horror movies to watch this season are limited, as channels will play the same old ones over and over again every year.

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3 Streaming Service Bundles & Deals

Without cable’s expensive and inefficient grip on your entertainment life, you can now explore the vast array of options. You may get a digital antenna installed with a DVR for simplicity and show recording. All in all, you should find out what streaming services have to offer.

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Best Streaming Services for 4K TVs

Streaming services now have to keep up with our new TVs. Find out what streaming service is best for 4K!

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How to Watch Your Favorite 2021 NFL Games Without Cable

The 2021 NFL season is still a couple of months away. While you patiently wait for kickoff, consider the alternatives to watch your favorite team other than cable.

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Best Streaming Services for Families With Kids

Do you have grandkids who frequently visit your house? Or maybe a couple of energetic toddlers and other small kids running around your home?

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What Are the Best Streaming Services for Reality TV?

Those who have committed to cutting the cord on cable have been able to reap the benefits of watching their favorite television programs whenever they want, without the headaches and expensive costs of a cable TV subscription. For many years, a cable TV subscription was the premier source for avid reality television show viewers to get their fix on all the popular reality series. But with the rise of media streaming devices and digital streaming services, TV viewers are now able to instantly access all their favorite reality television shows, new and old, with just the push of a few buttons.

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The Best Affordable Smart TVs for Streaming

Over the past decade, smart TVs have revolutionized the way television viewers are cutting the cord on their cable subscriptions. With their fast and efficient access to alternatives to cable television, along with their crystal clear picture settings and crisp audio qualities, smart TVs have solidified their role as one of the most innovative entertainment technology resources in television history.

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Why Cord Cutting Became More Popular Than Ever in 2020

While recent events have curtailed a number of hobbies, routines, and industries for people all around the world, perhaps one of the biggest business casualties of 2020 has been cable television. Cutting the cord on cable has officially become one of, if not the most, popular trend of how people are consuming their entertainment.

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5 Must-Own Accessories For Your New Smart TV

Over the past few years, smart TVs have become one of the more accomodating and resourceful alternatives to cable TV for American television viewers. In fact, reports indicate that in the past five years, the amount of smart TV users in the U.S. has increased from 62 million to nearly 110 million, and is projected to climb up to just under 120 million by 2022.

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TV Options Without Cable

Enjoying your favorite television shows without the strains and pains of cable has never been easier! Cord cutting not only provides viewers with nearly infinite entertainment options, but can also save you quite a bit of money in the long run. According to reports, the average cable television bill is estimated to cost $217.42 per month, which is more than the average cost of other household utility bills combined!

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