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We Can Help You Cut the Cord

There are an array of great alternatives to cable TV that can help you cut the cord. One of the primary options is to install an over-the-air antenna in your home. An antenna can help relieve you of that big monthly bill from your cable or satellite company. However, unlike the rabbit ears of the old days, digital TV antenna installation is a job for a professional. Once your antenna is installed, you’ll enjoy a higher quality picture that’s reliable and most often backed by a signal guarantee from Cable Alternatives.

Whether you’re in a condo or apartment, a townhouse with roof restrictions, a home with no attic space, or you live in a rural area, we have a variety of antenna installation options to choose from. The available options are:

  • Roof Installations
  • Attic Installations
  • Master Antennas
  • Tower Installations

Roof Installations
Installing an antenna on the roof is our most popular and reliable option. These antennas are typically smaller than a satellite dish, so they keep a low profile and we can guarantee the signal. This is a great option for anyone in the Twin Cities metro and outside as far as Sartell.

Attic Installations
If you need to keep the antenna hidden due to association rules or simply just personal preference, an attic installation is a great way to discreetly get over-the-air signal. In most of these cases we can still guarantee the signal.

Master Antennas
Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, getting a signal to serve the whole apartment building or condominium complex is possible with a master antenna. This would be placed on the roof and distribute clear picture to each unit.

Tower Installations
For those living in more rural areas as far from the metro as Sartell, we can install an antenna tower that will provide you with the same great picture people in the city enjoy with their antennas.

We come to you and do the hard part, it’s what we do! We’ll determine the best type of antenna for you during the consultation, and we’ll come back another time to install it. It’s really as easy as that!

Streaming Devices
While digital TV antennas are a great way to enjoy major broadcast networks and local channels you can also combine it with a streaming service. Adding streaming to your cable alternatives package can give you access to specific shows you want to watch that may not be available with your antenna.

If you have a smart TV, installation is as easy as getting you signed up with the right service and signing on to an app. Without a smart TV it becomes only slightly more complicated as you’ll need to pick from a selection of media streaming devices. These are attachments for your TV that allow you to watch shows and movies streamed over the internet. We’ll help you determine which service and device are best for you. These are pretty simple to install, and we’ll have you all set up in no time! The streaming devices we recommend include:

  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV

Digital Video Recorders
Again, combined with a digital TV antenna, a DVR can be just what you need to cut the cord and become cable free. A DVR allows you to pause, rewind, and record live TV. Some models that we suggest are also streaming capable. This can be a great option to pair with your antenna to be able to record your favorite primetime shows, but also watch movies on demand with streaming. Installation is relatively simple, and we’ll do it the same day we install your antenna. We’ll get you set up, and walk you through how it works.

No matter what you need from your TV, we can help you become a cord cutter with Cable Alternatives. Before we get to the installation, contact us to schedule an in-home consultation!

We can make the cutting simple!

We know it may be a tough decision to get rid of cable and to make the switch, but we’re here to make it simple for you as a Cord Cutter! If you want to spend less for television and want a cable free lifestyle, then look no further than Cable Alternatives.

Not sure if you’re ready Cut the Cord?

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