Cut the Cord and $ave!

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Tired of paying too much for TV?

Is the cable company
giving you the run around?

It’s time to Cut the Cord!

Watch the Watch the TV you love for less!!
you love for less!

We want to make life without cable possible for households all over the Twin Cities metro and beyond. No more outrageous monthly bill to only watch a few channels now and then. Why settle for less than high quality when you can improve your picture while reducing your costs? You can enjoy all the same TV and find you have even more choices when you cut the cord. We’ll consult with you on what you need, then we’ll create a plan, install any necessary equipment, and teach you how to live comfortably without cable! It’s really as easy as that.

Our Cord Cutting Services

Digital TV and Antenna Installation

Digital TV
Antenna Installation

Local channels and major broadcasting networks available with a crystal clear picture that comes over a reliable signal.

Media Streaming

Media Streaming

Wi-Fi capable devices plug into your TV to enable you to choose from many streaming services, hence hundreds of movies and shows!

TV Box

TV Box &
DVR Options

Bring your old TV to the present day with a converter, and record your favorite live TV, but leave the cable out of it.

TV Network Solutions

TV Network

Cutting cable doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to your favorite networks!

Smart TV

Smart TV

Skip the extra devices and opt for a Smart TV with built-in internet capability so everything is in one place.

Cord Cutting for SPORTS

There’s no need to worry, sports fans! Cable Alternatives can help you Cut the Cord AND save your sports viewing!

See what we can do for you! Check us out in Cord Cutting 101 on KARE 11.

You can also read about Cable Alternatives in the

We can make the cutting simple!

We know it may be a tough decision to get rid of cable and to make the switch, but we’re here to make it simple for you as a Cord Cutter! If you want to spend less for television and want a cable free lifestyle, then look no further than Cable Alternatives.

Not sure if you’re ready Cut the Cord?

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