Those who have committed to cutting the cord on cable have been able to reap the benefits of watching their favorite television programs whenever they want, without the headaches and expensive costs of a cable TV subscription. For many years, a cable TV subscription was the premier source for avid reality television show viewers to get their fix on all the popular reality series. But with the rise of media streaming devices and digital streaming services, TV viewers are now able to instantly access all their favorite reality television shows, new and old, with just the push of a few buttons.


But with so many streaming services to choose from nowadays, which is the best source for all the latest and classic reality TV series? If you can’t get enough competition, gossip, drama, or scandal in your television viewing, here are a few of the best streaming services for passionate reality TV watchers.


When it comes to original reality television programming, it’s hard to find a streaming service more dedicated to investing in their own reality TV shows than Netflix. Since 2018, Netflix has spent over $2 billion on original programming, with much of that going toward the sheer volume and variety of reality TV options. If you’re a fan of competition-based reality TV shows, Netflix has you covered, with popular titles such as ‘The Great British Bake-Off’, ‘The Circle’, ‘Nailed It’, ‘The Big Flower Fight’, and more.


Looking for more reality dating television shows? Netflix features dozens of titles to keep you entranced and intrigued, like ‘Love is Blind’, ‘Dating Around’, and ‘Too Hot Too Handle’. From food and cooking to unique and inspiring, Netflix is your best streaming service for new and innovative forms of reality television, not necessarily finding old reality TV classic series.    


If you can’t get enough variety when it comes to reality TV, then Hulu seems like the perfect streaming service for you. With 265 different reality TV programs to access and watch, Hulu has the most reality television title options compared to all the other popular streaming devices.


While Hulu may not have the original reality TV programming that Netflix has, they definitely outdo Netflix on all your favorite, cable-based reality shows, such as the ‘Real Housewives’ series, ‘The Voice’, ‘American Pickers’, ‘The Bachelor’, ‘The Amazing Race’, and so much more. Hulu is a resourceful and more affordable alternative to cable TV when it comes to catching up on all the seasons of your all-time favorite reality television series.

Sling TV

Reality TV viewers trying to stay up-to-date with all the latest cable reality TV shows, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of a cable subscription should consider looking into Sling TV. Sling TV works just like cable television when it comes to watching all the popular networks and channels live, except there’s no contracts to sign, no rental equipment, and only costs $35/month.


Sling TV grants viewers live access to watch any of their favorite reality TV shows on channels such as Bravo, A&E, HGTV, National Geographic, BET, HLN, and many more. If you want all the reality television access and options that cable TV offers, but don’t want to overspend for watching only your favorite shows, then Sling TV just might be the streaming service you’ve been looking for.

Let Cable Alternatives Help You Cut the Cord on Cable

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