The 2021 NFL season is still a couple of months away. While you patiently wait for kickoff, consider the alternatives to watch your favorite team other than cable.


Cable providers charge outrageous prices for only select channels, so you may not be able to watch all the games you want while still paying top dollar.


Check out these cable alternatives for the 2021 NFL season!

HDTV Antenna

When you start the cord-cutting process, one of the most popular options is an HDTV antenna. Installing an HDTV antenna is the best way to get free channels without relying on cable companies.


HDTV antennas may be tricky to get working, so if you are unsure how to install, contact an expert for fast help!

Streaming Devices

Streaming devices hook up to your TV and use internet access to get just about any channel, show, or game you can think of!


These devices are relatively easy to set up, but you can receive help if it gets complicated.


Three streaming devices we recommend are:


1.      Roku TV

2.      Apple TV

3.      Amazon Fire TV


After setting up your streaming device, you will need to choose which streaming platforms suit you best.

Hulu With Live Sports

You’ve probably heard the slogan on a commercial, “Hulu has Live Sports!”


Well, the athletes in the commercials aren’t joking.


For $65/month, Hulu gives you access to ABC, FOX, CBS, and NBC with your local programming. You can also add ESPN, as well as CBS and FOX sports channels for $5.99/month each.

Sling TV

This streaming service is great for streaming sports when you’re tight on cash. Sling TV offers “Blue” or “Orange’ services for $35/month while you could combine them for $50/month.


The main difference between the two is:


●         Blue service gives you more local channels like NBC, FOX, even NFL Network

●        Orange service gives you Disney channels, including ESPN

Fubo TV

With the highest price tag, Fubo TV delivers the most variety in channels. For $64.99/month, Fubo TV offers you CBS, FOX, and NBC respectively.


For $10.99/month extra, you can get access to ESPN and NFL Network, so you’ll be able to view ALL of the Monday Night and Thursday Night football games.

Other Streaming Services

There are many different services you could get for streaming which includes


●        Youtube TV

●        NFL Sunday Ticket

●        Amazon Prime Video

●        Yahoo Sports App

Cut the Cord With Cable Alternatives

If you want to cut the cord with cable, but the task seems daunting to you, call on us for help! We can assist you with all of your chord cutting needs, such as HDTV antenna installation, smart TV support, and even TV with DVR.


Right now, you can get a free quote with us online or by calling us at 763-571-1037!