You’ve done it: You finally cut the cord to cable!


Without cable’s expensive and inefficient grip on your entertainment life, you can now explore the vast array of options. You may get a digital antenna installed with a DVR for simplicity and show recording. All in all, you should find out what streaming services have to offer.


There are tons of bundles and deals on streaming services, and here are three for you to consider!

1. Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN

Disney+ gives you access to all of your favorite classic Disney movies such as “The Little Mermaid” and “Pinocchio.” Disney+ also features plenty of new content, most notably the smash hit “Wandavision.”


Hulu is another streaming giant that gives you thousands of TV shows and movies to choose from. From lifelong favorites to Hulu Originals, these streaming services will give you mass amounts of variety.


Finally, ESPN gives you access to watch your favorite sports teams’ competitions from your TV, phone, or even computer!


These three streaming devices range from $5 per month to almost $10 per month. However, with the special bundle, you can get all three for only $13.99 a month!

2. Curiosity Stream and Nebula

If you like educational content at a bargain, then you’re in luck. Curiosity Stream is a strict education streaming service that has documentaries galore. Learn about the first continental humans to migrate to America, or dive into Japan’s geography and unique wildlife.


Documentaries on history, culture, sports, animals, and more can be found on Curiosity Stream. What’s even better, there’s a special bundle that gives you access to Nebula.


Nebula is a site for educational content creators to publish and share extended videos and other rich content they wouldn’t share on Youtube. Additionally, this site also hosts a variety of interesting podcasts to peruse from.


The best part about this bundle is that it’s only $15.99 a YEAR!

3. Amazon Prime, Cinemax, and HBO

The online giant that is Amazon not only specializes in online commerce but video streaming as well. Get access to a ton of content, including a sizable number of original content like “The Boys.”


This bundle also comes with Cinemax and HBO, two highly sought-after movie services giving you countless primetime movies to choose from. Include the monthly fee from Amazon Prime, and all these services can be yours to stream for only $21.99 per month!

Cut the Cord With Cable Alternatives

When you finally cut the cord, setting up streaming services may prove difficult. Call on Cable Alternatives for assistance. We will help you set up your media streaming service devices and show you how to use them!


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