The first step that suits many cord cutters is to install a digital TV antenna. It can seem a bit intimidating but it's no more involved than installing cable – and the one-time cost pays for itself in no time! Often folks who cut the cord couldn't be happier, mostly due to the decreased monthly cost and the increased picture clarity available through digital antennas.


Digital Antennas

There are many alternatives to cable service that can help you cut the cord, including online streaming services which require virtually no installation at all. But there are a few watching habits that might mean you should consider having an antenna installed as the first step to ditching your cable:


●        You watch local news regularly

●        You watch major broadcasting networks’ primetime shows

●        You like turning the TV on to see what’s on

●        Localweather, especially severe weather information

●        Big events like the Super Bowl or the Academy awards


A digital antenna provides you anytime access to the major broadcasting networks CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC, PBS, and the CW as well as a variety of local channels. So if you watch the morning or nightly news, an antenna will keep you connected. It’s also a great option if there are primetime programs you hate to miss – if you own or purchase a DVR, you can even record and watch your favorite shows when away from home! And best of all, if you like to turn on the TV to find what’s on, you still have dozens of channels available.


What if I don’t watch Network TV Regularly?

Even if you don’t watch network TV all that much it’s still a very good idea to have an antenna. Local TV is a great source for weather information, especially if your internet connection goes down in severe weather. Major news events as well as big sporting and specialty shows such as the Super Bowl or the Academy awards are on Network TV. Your antenna is also not sucking up a monthly fee, so even if you switch around your streaming services, your antenna still reliably give you great programming for free!


Is there only one place you can install an antenna?

While a roof installation is the most common, there are other placement options. A cable alternatives tech can install an antenna on your roof or in your attic. If you’re looking to reach multiple units perhaps in an apartment building or condo, we can also install a master antenna. We even work in more rural areas as far away as St. Cloud, offering tower antennas that allow for the same crystal clear picture. We’ll work with you to find the solution that fits your needs and your location!


Installation and Cost to Cut the Cord

The cost to install an antenna is significantly less than the cost of cable, even if you were to include a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, or Amazon Prime. Most of our customers save an average of $100 per month! Within your first year, the decision to cut the cord pays for itself, even several times over. If you’re paying for cable service now, don’t let cost hold you back!


Contact the Cable Alternatives team to learn more about digital antenna installation and how to get started saving money today!