Fall is right around the corner, and that can mean only one thing: It’s the start of a spooky season!


Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the country, especially with the youth. Getting in a horrifically festive spirit wouldn’t be complete without classic horror movies. However, most of the time with cable, your options on what horror movies to watch this season are limited, as channels will play the same old ones over and over again every year.


When you cut the cord to cable and start using streaming services, you can gain access to an almost unlimited amount of horror movies to fright and delight your guests and family!


Here are six horror movies to stream this fall...

1. The Mist

Where to Watch: Netflix

Originally a novel written by Steven King, “The Mist” is a gut-wrenching sci-fi horror of a town enveloped by a mysterious mist harboring an alternate universe’s dangerous and frightening monsters.

2. Jennifer’s Body

Where to Watch: Hulu

A teenage girl is brutally and wrongfully sacrificed by a touring band who is looking for fame and fortune. This botched sacrifice leaves the victim with demonic powers and an insatiable desire to eat the boys in her school. It’s up to her best friend to stop this demonic plague before every boy in their high school is eaten up!

3. 28 Days Later

Where to Watch: Hulu

This classic zombie movie will make you feel uneasy every time you watch it. Explore the post-zombie infestation of England and try to avoid the fast and ravenous undead!

4. 1922

Where to Watch: Netflix

Set in the early roaring 1920s, a farmer conspires with his son to kill his wife for financial gain. However, guilt and paranoia plague this farmer and son in this can’t-miss thriller!

5. Train to Busan

Where to Watch: Hulu

This Korean-made horror flick might be one of the best zombie movies of all time. It follows a businessman making his way through a zombie-infested passenger train to protect his son and the ones close to him.

6. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Where to Watch: Netflix

The TV show that depicts an alternate (but not too far off) grim future dystopia tried its hand at a feature film in 2018. It follows a video programmer who blurs the lines of reality when he programs a game based on a mad writer’s novel.

Get Access to the Best Horror Movies With Cable Alternatives

When you cut the cord to cable, a wide array of streaming services are at your disposal to find the best horror movies.


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