Cutting the cord isn’t always easy. Despite the high prices and low variety of cable, you’ve grown accustomed to the news channels you follow, and keeping your sources is important to you.


The good news (no pun intended) is you can still retain access to your favorite news channels when you cut the cord and go with a cable alternative!


Here’s how you find your favorite news channels on all of the cable alternatives.

Digital Antenna

When you install a digital antenna, you’ll retain access to all your local news channels. You will be able to watch your favorite newscast every day on Kare 11 or catch the Vikings games on Sundays this fall on Fox 9.


If you like to hop between local news stations, you’re in luck! You’ll also get access to WCCO and KSTP as well as PBS Minnesota and Fox Sports North without paying cable’s outrageous prices.

Media Streaming Devices

Now that you have your local news channels, let’s find a way to get national news media outlets without the help of a cable.


Installing a media streaming device, like a Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick, is the first step at gaining access to national news outlets.


Signing up for the streaming service Pluto will give you access to CNN as well as NBC News and the Bloomberg report. If you’re looking for even more national news outlets, Xumo hosts CBS and ABC, respectively.

TV Box and DVR

Say you have installed a digital antenna and have a streaming device. Now you have access to all your favorite news stations, but still want to check out multiple programs. The problem is, many news programs air at the same time.


When you install a TV Box or DVR, you can set them up to record any newscast you may miss. Get the news from every part of the world from every angle with just a couple of clicks!

Smart TV

Now that you have control of all your desired news stations, how do you keep them all organized? Well, when you set up a smart TV, it will do all the organization for you! Keep all your cable cutting devices in sync and easily navigable when you or a certified professional set up your Smart TV.

Cut the Cord and Keep Your News With Cable Alternatives

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