College is one of the most exciting times in a young adult’s life. There is so much knowledge to learn, so much networking to commence, and so much self-discovery to experience within your campus. However, there’s one thing that may be scarce around your college experience: money.


Yes, you may need to make some sacrifices such as eating Raman for a week straight or buying the cheapest toilet paper the grocery store has to offer. Even though you need to make some financial sacrifices in college doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your entertainment.


Here are some cheap cable alternatives!

Curiosity Stream

Curiosity Stream might be the best option for college students. Curiosity stream is home to thousands of educational TV shows, films, and documentaries. You may even find a documentary on a subject you’re studying in class, which could prove beneficial!


Even better yet, Curiosity Stream is only $15.99 PER YEAR. That’s right, pay upwards of $15 and gain access to Curiosity Stream along with its sister station Nebula for a low annual cost and a year’s worth of entertainment!

Amazon Prime Video

As you may already know, Amazon Prime is the most popular online commerce site in the entire world. With their success, they have begun to branch out to all sorts of media, including streaming. Amazon Prime Video gives you access to thousands of TV shows, movies, and other videos including the original hit “The Boys.”


The real kicker for college students is that Amazon offers a student rate at HALF the normal price. You can receive an Amazon Prime Account and gain access to Prime Video all for $59 a year!

Apple TV+

Is your family an Apple family? Do you do your homework on a Mac and scroll through your social media on an iPhone? We’ll Apple TV+ is for you!


With Emmy-awards winning originals such as “Ted Lasso '' in Apple’s lineup, the content is top-notch. Better yet, Apple TV+ integrates with all your Apple devices, allowing you to download your favorite TVs and bring them on the go.


The best part is the price as it only sits at about $5 per month!

Cut The Cord To Cable With Cable Alternatives

When it comes to cutting the cord to cable, Cable Alternatives has you covered!


We offer TV support and services such as antenna installation, media streaming device setup, TV network solutions, and much more!


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