Now more than ever, people are cutting the cord to cable, and for good reason. Cable has become an inconvenient and over-inflated service that drains customers’ bank accounts more than gives them quality entertainment.


So many channels on your cable service will go unused, but you still have to pay for it, which is a huge problem. However, you still enjoy the music channels cable provides.


Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice the variety of music when you cut the cord. Here are some cable alternatives for music lovers!

Listening to Music on Your Smart TV

You may think, “how can I listen to music on my TV without cable?”


The answer is simple: with the internet and a smart TV!


Smart TVs require internet access to work, but once it’s hooked up, you’re already on your way. You can download music streaming apps right from your smart TV, rendering those cable music channels useless!


Are you not sure of what music streaming apps are out there or unsure of what music streaming services are? Let’s take a look at the different music streaming services you can download on your smart TV!


With major record labels like Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and EMI publishing, Vevo offers plenty of variety when it comes to music streaming on your smart TV.


With over 50,000 different music videos to choose from, it’s almost impossible to run out of music options with Vevo!


Though Vevo has gone through many changes in recent years, it can still be watched on Apple TV, Samsung TVs, and Roku, or through their YouTube Channel. There are ads on the free version of Vevo, but you can upgrade to a premium version to enjoy your music ad-free.


Pandora is known as one of the longest-running music and podcast discovery streaming platforms out there.


Suppose you like to leave your music up to chance instead of picking songs specifically. In that case, this is the option for you, as Pandora will take into account your preferences and tailor a radio station that complements your taste! Simply Like or Dislike a song to help Pandora curate the best station for you.


Pandora offers three plans for listening– the free tier allows you to personalize stations, and you can skip songs an unlimited amount of times. However, you will have to listen to periodic ads. Pandora Plus is $4.99 per month and offers free services along with offline listening. Some features are unlocked by watching an ad. Pandora Premium is $9.99 per month and gives you access to Pandora’s entire library without having to watch any ads.


With millions of songs and podcasts to choose from, Spotify is a giant in the music streaming industry. Spotify gives you all the music, podcasts, shows, and audiobooks that you could ever want right at your fingertips. Check out new music, listen to curated playlists, or create your own playlists with your favorite songs.


There is a free version of Spotify, but if you want to cut out the ads, you can upgrade to Spotify Premium for only $9.99 a month. Spotify also offers a few other plans, including the Duo plan, which allows two people to stream for $12.99 per month, and the Family Plan, which allows six people to stream for $15.99 per month. Each of these plans gives you a great ad-free experience with Spotify.


When you download the YouTube app on your Smart TV or Fire TV Stick, you will get access to thousands of youtube channels including artists’ channels.


Most music artists share their creations on YouTube, meaning you can hear your favorite songs from your smart TV absolutely free! YouTube Music also offers a Premium service for music specifically for $9.99 per month, which gives you access to all the music on YouTube without having to listen to ads.

Cut the Cord With Cable Alternatives

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