It is well known that cable isn’t worth the money anymore.


It used to be a cornucopia of different entertainment outlets, but the last decade or so has proved that cable is the great deal it once was. However, despite its faltering popularity, cable prices continue to rise. Of course, you may think it’s because of inflation, but that’s only a small portion of the problem.


The rise of cable prices soars over the average cost of inflation year to year, prompting millions of cable users to cut the cord in 2023. If you’re considering cutting the cord for the new year, here are some facts to inspire you to do so!

No Long Term Contracts

Cable companies will lure you in with promotions or deals that look appealing on the surface, but once you purchase them, the troubles begin to occur.


The fine print attached to many cable companies’ deals comes with a price hike sometimes after installation. When you sign off for a contract, these price hikes are unavoidable. You can terminate your service, but it will cost you an egregious amount of money in termination fees.


Installing a digital antenna can help you get a sufficient amount of channels for free, so don’t fall into the trap of outrageous contracts! If you decide to sign up for any number of the available streaming services, those services allow you to cancel, pause, or change your subscription without extra fees.

Faster Internet Makes for Better Streaming

Mainstream internet has been around now for almost 30 years. In that time, the speed and efficiency of the internet have improved tremendously.


With such efficient internet speeds, there has been no better time to stream your favorite shows than right now!


Here’s the kicker: Most shows or channels you find on your cable can also be found on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu with the use of a media streaming device!

Cutting the Cord Can Save You Tons of Money

As you may know, having cable can cost you around $200 a month alone!


When you cut the cord to cable and switch to a digital antenna, media streaming device, or both, you can save yourself tons of money, as streaming services only cost around $8-$15 per month!

More Sports Options

One of the biggest drawbacks at the beginning of the streaming era was the lack of sports coverage. However, in recent years, streaming services have struck deals with sports outlets to provide coverage on plenty of streaming devices.


Be able to keep up with your favorite sports teams when you cut the cord! Several services like Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV allow you to watch your favorite sports live without being limited by local or regional restrictions.


If you only like one or two sports, you can always subscribe to the streaming service provided by the specific sport. For example, NFL Network and the NBA have their own streaming services.

Choose the Streaming Services You’ll Actually Watch

One of the biggest complaints about cable is that there are so many channels and nothing to watch. When you cut the cord and switch to streaming services, not only will you get your favorite shows on-demand, but you’ll also be able to choose a streaming service with content you actually want to watch.

Watch in Any Room with Any Device

Cable television is limited to TVs. With streaming services, you are able to watch whatever you want in any room of your house on any device. You can stream from your phone, iPad, laptop, or another tablet device. Plus, even if you’re not at home, you can still watch your favorite shows or sports with any cellular service.

Less Commercials

Unless you are watching live TV through a streaming service, most streaming services have fewer commercials than cable TV. Some services like Netflix have zero commercials, while other streaming services have tiered levels of service that eliminate commercials. Even if you do have commercial breaks on a stream service, they’re much shorter than regular TV commercial breaks.

Cut the Cord With Cable Alternatives

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