The way we consume media has changed dramatically over the course of a couple of decades. More and more people are cutting the cords to cable and opting for streaming services.


Streaming services offer an almost unlimited number of options when choosing what you watch. Additionally, streaming services can cut out those pesky ads riddled all over cable channels.


However, there’s a facet of streaming that no one would have thought was possible over 10 years ago: watching TV right from your phone.


Phones started as a communication device in the early 1900s, which played a crucial role in developing the modern world. Now, phones are capable of doing just about anything you can think of.


Watching TV on your phone may be a little complicated for some, so let’s look at how to do it!

What Streaming Services Offer Mobile Viewing?

In short, just about all streaming services offer mobile viewing! Here’s a quick list of the best ones.


YouTube is essentially the genesis of online viewing entertainment. Youtube started in 2006 as a place for people to post videos for the world to see. The first videos on the site consisted primarily of funny fails for everyone to enjoy.


YouTube is a video powerhouse, hosting hundreds of thousands of content creators publishing and sharing their creativity.


The best part about Youtube: no cost (unless you want a premium subscription at $11.99 per month).


Netflix is the most popular and longest-running streaming service. The streaming giant has paved its way into almost every home, providing a comprehensive array of movies, tv shows.


Netflix was the first to create original content! You can gain access to Netflix for just $7.99 a month ad-free, though you will have to pay more for HD and 4K viewing.


Hulu may seem like it plays second fiddle to Netflix, but that doesn’t mean it has powerhouse status! Hulu offers thousands of TV, movies, and original content.


Hulu may also be an excellent pick for the sports fan in your house as their live TV options offer live spots for $65 a month.


Hulu also provides more bare-bones options for $7.99 and $11.99 a month. However, the former comes with ads.

How to Watch Streaming Services on Your Phone

It’s pretty simple to watch your favorite streaming services on your phone:


●        Go to your app store on your phone


●        Search for the streaming services you have


●        Download the app for the service


●        Enter your information (email and password)

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