Cutting the cord to the cable is a liberating process. From digital TV antenna installation to media streaming services, any route you choose, you will save a tremendous amount of money every month without the shackles of cable.


After cable is no longer in your house, you’ll need to choose a new way to watch your favorite TV shows, news programs, movies, and sports teams. These days, many people are opting for streaming services, and rightfully so! You can customize what you watch for far less money. However, what if you could potentially save even more money? Well, you can!


Here are some tips to save money on your streaming services!

Look for Promo Codes Before Purchase

You will have to do some shopping around to find streaming services that fit your entertainment preferences before you choose. When you find streaming services you like, search the internet for promotion codes tailored to that specific streaming site.


You might find a yearly or monthly discount on the original price with a promotion code. Additionally, you may even find promotion codes that extend your free trial from a week to over two months in some instances!

Share Streaming Accounts

Since the first streaming services were available, this tip has been around, but it sure is effective! Many streaming services like Netflix and Hulu allow having several profiles on the same account for personalized streaming for everyone in your family. An added perc for this tip is that it will enable someone else to purchase different streaming services and share them with you, so you get two streaming services for the price of one!

Choose Annual Deals

Annual deals for streaming services come at a higher upfront cost, but you will save a significant amount of money over the year. For instance: Disney Plus has a yearly subscription price of $119/year against $11.99 monthly, which comes out to $144/year if you keep it for all 12 months.

Consider Switching Cell Phone Providers

Some cell phone plans offer a bundle of entertainment services with their original cell phone plan. T-Mobile offers a free Netflix subscription will qualifying cell phone plans, while Verizon offers Disney Plus, Apple Music, Hulu, or ESPN Plus, depending on the plan you choose.

Cut the Cord With Cable Alternatives

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