Cutting the cord to cable is the first step to entertainment freedom. However, once you gain that freedom, there are endless options that may give you choice paralysis. So, that’s why the folks at Cable Alternatives compiled a list to help you get started on your new entertainment journey, and what better way to start by looking at the best free options out there?


Here are some of the best FREE streaming services to try out!​​


If you’re not a video game enthusiast, Twitch may not be the streaming service for you. However, if you or a family member loves video games, Twitch is an excellent free option! You’ll be able to browse the channels of the most well-known esports and professional gamers streaming their sessions for fans to see.


As mentioned before, Twitch is free, but if you love what a content creator does on their channel, you can subscribe for $5/month, which gives you exclusive content from that creator.


YouTube is the original giant of free online streaming. This platform was the first place online where uploading, sharing, and viewing videos were readily available to anyone who had internet access. The first years were a lot of hilarious home videos that got quick laughs from viewers; now, content creators from literally every corner of the world post their videos on the platform.


Do you have a niche hobby you would like to learn more about? YouTube will have content creators with dozens of hours on the topic itself. You can keep track of your favorite YouTubers by subscribing to their channel, which also costs nothing as well!

Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is an app you can download on your computer or smart TV to gain instant access to TV shows and hit movies alike. The great thing about Roku Channel, other than being free, is some content is pre-loaded when you download the app! That means you can access this content on whatever device you downloaded to, including smartphones and tablets.

Pluto TV

If you still find the live channel option but hate paying the outrageous cable bill, Pluto TV is an excellent option for you to consider! You’ll still receive local channels that broadcast games from your favorite sports team and news in your area. The only drawback to Pluto TV is the lack of DVR recording options for live shows.

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