Cutting the cord to the cable is a necessary step to get back your deserved entertainment on your terms and your budget. However, just because you obtain rid of those troublesome cable companies doesn’t mean you won’t run into some problems that need a good ‘ole troubleshooting to fix.


If you use an Amazon TV Fire Stick and run into a problem, check below to quickly find and solve your issue!

Unresponsive Fire Stick

Some media streaming devices come equipped with a remote or an HDMI adapter. If you boot up your Fire Stick and you find your remote unresponsive, here are some troubleshooting tips.

Check Batteries

This is a common occurrence when your Amazon Fire Stick is unresponsive. So, take out your old batteries and replace them with new ones. If this doesn’t do the trick, check out the other options below!

Restart Fire Stick

Sometimes, systems like your Amazon Fire Stick need a restart to help calibrate. To do this on your system, press the “select” and “play” buttons for a couple of seconds until it begins its restart. However, if your remote is unresponsive, see the final tip below!

Unplug the System

When nothing is responding on your Amazon Fire Stick, it’s best to do a hard reset. Streaming and other tech devices are like a brain; they sometimes need to sleep for a moment. So if nothing works, unplug the system and let it sit for 30 seconds, and plug it back in!

Blank Screen

If you boot up your Amazon Fire Stick and it shows a blank screen or the screen reads “no HDMI signal,” here are a couple of troubleshooting options.

Check HDMI Connection

If the screen says, “No HDMI Source,” check your HDMI cable to see if it’s properly connected. Then, make sure you have your connection changed to the match port.

Restart The Fire Stick

If you’re on the correct HDMI channel and everything is connected, go with a restart to give your system a solid recalibration!

No Internet Connection

No internet connection is a common problem, especially if you’re just setting up your Amazon Fire Stick. If your Fire Stick fails to connect, forget the Wifi Network, then find it again. If Wifi connection fails to show up at all, restart your Fire Stick and your Internet browser.

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