Relying less on cable for entertainment is a truly freeing process. Cutting the cord in favor of media streaming devices, digital antennas, and smart TVs offers you a boat-load of various types of entertainment options that fit your budget.


Sometimes you might run into a few technical issues when you use your devices. This guide will help cover audio-syncing issues common with Netflix and show you solutions along the way!

Apple Products

If you enjoy Netflix on the go with Apple products and find your audio out of sync, be sure to check your iOS settings for an update, as this may help align your audio again.


If you have an Apple TV, go to the home screen and select settings. In the settings menu, click on the Video and Audio option. Select the audio format and change it to Dolby 5.1. Restart Netflix and try it again.

Android Products

If your Netflix audio is out of sync on your Andriod device, check other TV shows or movies on the app and see if they have the same problem. If other media usually plays, you may want to contact Netflix's tech support and report the issue on that specific show.


If it happens across multiple shows and movies, conduct a hard reset on your Android device.

Playstation or Xbox

If the Netflix audio is out of sync on a gaming console, check other movies and TV shows for the same issue. If the audio syncing fails to work on only one show, report the problem to Netflix.


If it’s happening on everything you watch, give your console a hard reset.

Windows Computer

Watching Netflix on a computer is the most efficient way to stream. However, the same audio issues mentioned above may happen. Like the other devices, go ahead and test out other movies or TV shows and determine if it’s just a problem with one show or the entire app.


If it’s the entire app, check for any updates, as this may resolve the issue with the audio. Other than that, it’s best to restart your computer and report the problem to Netflix if it continues not to work.

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