With the rising price of streaming site subscriptions and advertisement placements throughout almost all services, it may seem difficult to cut the cord to cable. However, our team at Cable Alternatives commits to helping you cut that cord and enjoy the endless amount of content available without paying skyrocketing cable bills.


So, let’s look at some tips to get the most out of your Netflix subscription!

Watch Your Favorite Shows on the Go

Maybe you’re a homebody who likes to binge-watch your favorite shows and movies in the comfort of your home. Conversely, let’s say you’ve caught the travel bug and feel the need to explore but also require some entertainment on those long car rides or flights.


Netflix--of course--uses the internet to stream its content, but you have an option to download what you want and take it with you! To download Netflix’s content on your mobile devices, there’s a download option under the play button. Additionally, if you want to download the specific episode, just open up that show’s catalog and find the “down” arrow pointing towards a horizontal line.


For a well-organized experience, you can enable smart downloads. This option will automatically delete content you’ve watched to keep your devices’ storage tidy!

Stop Auto-Playing Previews

One grievance by some viewers as of late is Netflix’s auto-play preview feature. Basically, if you hover over a show or movie to read a preview, it starts playing the trailer, which may startle you and be quite annoying.


To turn auto-play previews off, do the following:


●        Go to the account page.


●        Find Playback Settings.


●        Uncheck the box labeled “autoplay previews while browsing.”


●        Don’t forget to hit save!

Spice Things up by Hitting Random

One of the most significant flaws of streaming sites is the endless amount of content you can watch. So many options do a tricky thing to our brain, putting us in a sort of choice paralysis. The usual routine is to flip through almost every category but ultimately settle on the sitcom you’ve watched 100 times over, which is comforting but unexciting.


Spice things up by hitting random! Netflix introduced a “Play Something” button in 2021, randomly selecting a show or movie you’ve never watched before. So, move out of your comfort zone and find something new!

Cut the Cord With Cable Alternatives

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