Sports fans looking to cut the cord, you are not alone! More and more people are turning to cord cutting to secure significant savings every month. The average cord cutter with Cable Alternatives saves over $100 monthly – with that much extra dough, you could go to some games in person!


You might be wondering if it’s too good to be true, or if you can truly keep up with your favorite teams for less money. The reality is cord cutting continues to improve and you can watch sports without cable. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and more are now available through two main cable alternatives:


●      OTA Digital Antenna

●      Online Streaming Services


...And there’s always a combination!


Over-the-Air Digital Antenna

Naturally, being cable uninstallers, we are big proponents of the over-the-air digital HD antenna. What’s not to love about crystal clear picture quality, reliable through almost every type of weather, and at a one-time cost? That’s what you get when we install a digital antenna in your home. You’ll have access to local and national broadcasting channels such as TPT, CBS, ABC, Fox, and NBC with a clear HD picture that we guarantee in nearly every weather condition. An antenna can be installed on your roof or in your attic, and we also have options for apartment buildings and condos. Now you can host the big game on Sunday night with amazing quality, without the cable or satellite bill.


Online Streaming Services

It used to be a little more challenging for some sports fans to truly cut the cord, but there are a growing number of streaming services and apps making it possible. With a streaming ready TV and home wifi internet, you can begin saving significantly each month as a cord cutter, while still rooting for your team. While there are subscription services for a specific sport such as MLB TV for the baseball fan, or NHL GameCenter for the hockey fan, these do have some limits. Some services limit you from watching your local team’s games live. If that’s a must, perhaps the inclusive subscriptions from Sling TV and PlayStation Vue are right for you. With a subscription and its respective app, get access to different premium sports channels and even live sports. These are also great options for the well-rounded fan who likes a variety of sports.


The Antenna-Streaming Combo

Your best bet to cover all your bases is the combined effort of a digital TV antenna with a streaming service. An antenna might be enough for you if you like watching the games live on broadcast networks, but subscriptions to the broader online streaming service such as Sling TV provides access to other non-sporting programs on-demand. The combination might be the cable alternatives that keep your whole household happy.


Sports fans, don’t be afraid to cut the cord and save big every month! There are great, easy-to-use options to keep you up with your team and down with your budget. To learn more or to check out antenna installation and other services, contact us at Cable Alternatives by calling 763-571-1037.