When the monthly cost of cable or satellite gets out of hand, you might start to feel anxiety when you see the bill arrive in the mail. You will probably start asking yourself, is this worth it anymore? But if it’s not, maybe you’re considering how to break up with your cable or satellite provider.


Well, we’re here to tell you it’s not as scary as it may seem! Change can be especially overwhelming when things have been the same way for a long time, like having cable TV for instance. That’s why we’re in the business of helping people drop the enormous bill and have more control over their television entertainment at home. Breaking up with your cable or satellite provider doesn’t have to be scary or difficult.


Step One: Determine Your Cable Alternatives

First things first, you have to figure out what you need in your TV entertainment and how to get that so you can get rid of your cable! That’s something the Cable Alternatives team can help you with. We’ll talk about what you currently enjoy watching and how other services and devices can help you achieve the same entertainment, or even better.


Step Two: Installation and Setup

Your best bet is to get your cord cutting solution set up before you cancel your cable, so you can seamlessly transition. Have any necessary equipment installed and sign up for alternative monthly subscriptions that will help you save. Then you’ll have all the proof you need to be confident in canceling your cable or satellite service!


Step Three: Make the Call

We understand that calling to cancel a service can be a really stressful task for many people, which is why we offer our customers help even with that. Often when you call to cancel, the person on other end is trained to try to retain you as a customer of their company. They might give you some attractive offers, but it’s important to stay strong because in the long run, you’ll be saving big time without them. You don’t have to feel bad or get sucked into their attempts to entice you to stay. Simply let them know, you no longer have a need for their services and would like to discontinue effective immediately.


Next thing you know, you’ll be on your way to a lot more breathing room in your budget!


You may be intimidated by trying to cut the cord on your own and, like many people, don’t know where to start. Begin with contacting Cable Alternatives today to get started saving as much as hundreds of dollars a year! Reach us at 763-571-1037.