Are you tired of paying exorbitant cable bills each month? Then cut the cord with a high-definition television antenna from Cable Alternatives. We professionally install HDTV antennas for homeowners in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Digital TV antennas give you a crystal clear view with high-quality contrast, color, and crystal clear sharp image on every channel.


Your Personalized HDTV Antenna

Cable Alternatives can customize an HDTV antenna for your home or business. We can place the antenna where you want it and mount it according to your preferences. We offer four main types of installation:


●        Attic Installation. Although an antenna is a valuable home viewing feature, it is not always aesthetically pleasing. If you prefer to conceal your cable antenna, then we can install it in your attic. Our antennas are powerful enough to produce a clear image on your TV from the attic without any disruption in the signal. You can hide it away and still get the channels you want.

●        Master Antenna Installation. Are you are property owner? Whether you have houses for rent in Minneapolis or own apartment complexes, a master antenna will provide a powerful signal for all your tenants. You don't have to install multiple antennas when only one will do. We can implement an antenna anywhere on the property or the building. Your tenants will appreciate additional channel access.

●        Tower Installation. If you live in a rural area outside of the Twin Cities, you can still enjoy free local channels with a TV tower. You don't have to miss out on broadcast channels because you live in the country. We provide tower installations for Minnesota residents in isolated areas. You'll still receive many of the same features as residents in the metro areas.

●        Roof Installation. The most common place for an antenna is on top of a roof. We can inspect the roof of your house, and then make recommendations on where we should place the equipment. We secure your antenna so that it can withstand high winds, heavy snowfall, and rainfall.


Get Your Antenna Professionally Installed

For best results, you should call a Cable Alternative technician to come out to your property and professionally install an antenna. Our antenna installation specialists have the knowledge and experience necessary to mount an antenna properly and ensure that it will stay connected to the wall, roof, or ground regardless of weather conditions or other environmental factors. We can also periodically inspect the antenna to make sure it is in good working condition.


Cable Alternatives Is Your Preferred HDTV Antenna Provider

In Minneapolis and St. Paul, homeowners turn to Cable Alternatives for all their HD antenna needs. We provide a wide range of antenna products and services that are ideal for your particular situation. Schedule online or call us at 763-571-1037 for a  consultation!