Welcome to the TV help desk. A cord cutting blog brought to you by Cable Alternatives, LLC that will offer advice on cutting the cable cord, product reviews, technical support and general commentary on the Pay-TV industry.


Why are we doing this?

We really didn’t pay much attention to our cable TV bill. Cable gave us 60-70 channels and we were pretty content with the choices offered at the rate charged. We could flip through and find programming we wanted to watch, for example the Twins, Discovery Channel, or one of the many channels that showed Law and Order. Then when we moved in 2009 our family took a good look at our bill and asked the big question, is cable really worth the cost? Looking at the channels provided against the channels we actually watched we discovered approximately 60% of what we watched was on Over the Air channels.  Sports broadcasts, including MN Twins broadcasts, are generally the biggest exception to over the air viewing. These broadcasts would be the only reason for our family to keep cable.  It took us about a year but with the addition of streaming, and using radio for the Twins, we adjusted well to cutting the cable cord. Since the switch, about 5 years now, we estimate our family has saved nearly $5,000.


While researching different ways to watch the shows we wanted, we discovered that cord-cutting is a growing phenomenon. It’s not huge (yet), but everywhere you turn, people are fed up with their cable companies. The prices are high and change month to month, you have to haggle with them constantly, and their customer service is terrible.  Did you know that Comcast and Time Warner Cable regularly feature as the worst companies in America?  Despite the bad reviews, notorious customer service and confusing contracts people were not cutting the cord. Sure, growth in pay-tv was stagnating, even in a recovering economy, but there wasn’t a mass migration.


It was clear to us there were options out there that would work for a lot of people but since this phenomenon was so new people needed some advice, guidance and help with the process and so Cable Alternatives LLC began. Call us when you get that ridiculous bill, have that bad experience with customer service, or just decide that it’s time to get rid of cable or satellite. We started this business because people deserve old fashioned good customer service at a reasonable price. Our goal is to give you a comparable television watching experience, low prices and excellent service.


What does Cable Alternatives do?


We provide you straightforward services and equipment that are often less complex than your current cable or satellite setup. It’s really “TV the way it used to be” with a technological twist.


Cable Alternatives offers you the following services:


In Home Consultation

Sometimes all your family needs is a little advice. We will take the time, over the phone or in your home, to understand your TV watching needs and recommend a solution for you. If you request it, we can do a partial or full install of the solution we recommend.


Over-The-Air (OTA) Antenna Installation

This is the first product we recommend to almost any household. You may realize that over the air television still exists, but do you know it transmits in digital high definition, and it’s completely free? Properly installed, OTA broadcasts have higher quality pictures than either satellite or cable. This allows your household to watch exactly what you were watching before, CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, PBS, and The CW, in crystal clear high definition only for free. Even if you have tried OTA before and haven’t had good reception it pays to have a Cable Alternatives tech survey your house as many reception problems can be remedied with the proper equipment and service.


DVR Sales and Consultation

DVRs aren’t only for cable TV.  You can use them with OTA antennas as well. Tivo has a fantastic DVR for antenna users that includes a multi-room solution. Channel Master has a great DVR with no monthly fees. There are a few other less expensive options, including a cloud based DVR, that can be used as well. Based on your needs, Cable Alternatives can recommend and install a DVR that will be a good fit for your home.


Streaming Devices Sales and Consultation

There are more and more streaming devices entering the market these days that it may take help to understand all of the offerings out there and determine what’s right for you. Cable Alternatives will take the time to listen to you and understand your TV needs, and  recommend and install a device based on your preferences.


Smart TV Sales and Setup

Does it sound like you initiated launch sequence whenever you turn on your TV? Smart TVs integrate the TV and streaming service into one device, and may be right for your home by allowing you to turn on one device instead of four just to watch TV. Cable Alternatives will work with you to understand your needs, and give you the best Smart TV based on those needs.



It may be tough to justify the upfront cost of new equipment to help you get rid of cable. Cable Alternatives understands this and can set you up with financing so you don’t have to pay anything up front, just a monthly payment that fits your budget. Buying new equipment and cutting the cord will save you money every month by eliminating a rising cable bill.


Working with the cable company on your behalf.

Not ready to give up cable, but dread calling them? Let Cable Alternatives do it for you. As an authorized 3rd party on your account we’ll handle everything from cancellations to troubleshooting. We even watch for when your introductory price ends, and automatically renegotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the best price from your cable or satellite provider.


Why should you consider Cable Alternatives?

If you feel you’re being overcharged or abused by your cable or satellite company, give us a call. Cable Alternatives can help you understand the new services and technologies coming into the market, set you up with them, and help rid you of cable forever.