If you're looking for a more affordable and streamlined option for watching popular cable channels, then consider making the switch to a smart TV. Cable Alternatives makes it easier than ever to view TV shows and movies with a smart TV package. Now you can watch all your favorite shows and movies without paying high monthly fees from cable providers. Let our team of HDTV specialists install a custom TV setup for you.


A Wide Variety of Smart TV Options

If you're looking to cut the cable, then investing in a smart TV can be a great option as the base of your new entertainment hub. Most brand new TVs on the market will have smart features, and when combined with an antenna, you may actually receive more channels to view than when paying for a cable service. Some new TV manufacturers have partnered with streaming media players like Roku & the Amazon Firestick by having them already built into the TV! Our technicians can sit down with you to go over all the packages that are available in your area. Whether you live close to downtown Minneapolis or out in the rural areas of East Central Minnesota, you can benefit from all that Cable Alternatives has to offer.


How Does a Smart TV Work?

Smart TVs contain advanced, built-in WiFi technology that allows you to connect directly to streaming services from your in-home Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. These features give you the ability to stream directly from your favorite provider without hooking up to additional devices. Our smart TVs carry your favorite apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and even cable apps such as HBO Go. Rather than dealing with boxes, cables, and wires, you can set your smart TV up and be ready to watch your desired TV shows and movies with the click your single TV remote.


Go Roku!

Of all the smart TVs we offer, we recommend the TCL Roku TV. Roku is similar to an Apple Box, but it gives you more features and improved performance. The Roku streaming device is built right into your television, which keeps you from purchasing any additional equipment and saves you money. The Roku remote is simple to use and can act as a stand-alone remote. You no longer have to shuffle remotes from device to device. Our TCL Roku TV is 4K Ultra HD-ready so that you can enjoy a crisp, clear picture, even while streaming.


Get Your Smart TV Professionally Installed

Cable Alternatives can provide you with all the equipment you need for your viewing pleasure and install it in any room in your home or office. To schedule, an installation, call us today at 763-571-1037. We service all home and business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Cut the Cord and Save!