Negotiating with cable companies when cutting the cord can be tricky. Cable Alternatives can help you get the terms you want on the services you need. We are happy to train you on how to make cutting the cord as simple and pain-free as possible, and we have a few tried and tested tips for you:


Stay off the phones!

Most likely, it will be more convenient for you to call in and try to cancel or modify your cable services. This is exactly what they want! Their customer service teams are trained to slow and disrupt the canceling process, through a number of ways: They might transfer you around to a few different representatives, who will each claim they don’t have the authorization to cancel or get you the package you need. Then they hand you off to a “retention specialist” who will do everything they can to get you to keep your cable subscription or sell you really expensive internet.


Meet in person!

The best way to negotiate your terms when cutting the cord is to go into a brick and mortar cable company location and speak with an in-store representative. The customer service in-store is usually much friendlier than the folks on the phone. They can be a little more flexible with the terms you are seeking, and in some cases, have gone out of their way to find the best deal for me, not the other way around. If you have the time to physically go in-store to cut the cord, we at Cable Alternatives highly recommend this route.


Don’t listen to special offers!

Don’t listen to special offers, focus on what you need. Have you sat down and made a list of the channels you always watch? Have you done research online to see what deals your cable or satellite company is offering online?  More likely than not, you probably have a core of local and entertainment channels that can be found on most streaming packages like Sling TV or YouTube TV. For most cord cutters, all they need from their cable company is internet at the base level speed, which is around 20-30 mb/s. Don’t listen to a cable company that insists you need 80-100 mb/s in order to stream, it’s just not true. Now, if the cable companies offer to give you an extra sports package, or a premium channel like HBO or Showtime for free or at a reduced rate, you likely will eventually have to pay for those extra channels later down the road. When you are locked into a contract, the terms will always go up after they expire! You would just be putting off the inevitable high cable bill in your future. Sometimes the cable companies can make generous offers to try to get you to stay, but have the strength to not listen! Buy less than what you think you need, you can always purchase more later.


How Can Cable Alternatives Help?

We will train you how to negotiate with the cable companies to get the terms you want for the services you need, and we can even negotiate for you! For those in the Twin Cities metro area looking to become cord cutters, we offer alternatives to cable TV! We will work with you to formulate the best plan to cut the cord and free you from that expensive monthly cable bill. We also offer the equipment necessary to cut the cord, from streaming devices, digital TV antennas, DVRs, and more! Our customers save on average $100 per month.  Call us today at 763-571-1037 to get started planning your budget-friendly TV alternatives.