When you cut the cord on cable, the strength and speed of your internet will be the ultimate factor in how well the transition goes from cable to streaming-based services. Before you start the process, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions: Have you thought about testing your current internet speeds, or upgrading to a new modem or router? Have you talked to the cable company about getting faster internet services, or what speeds and bandwidth will be needed to successfully stream? It is imperative to know your bandwidth strength before you cut the cord, and the Wi-Fi experts at Cable Alternatives are more than happy to help!


Know Your Speed

First, it is important to know your current Wi-Fi speed and bandwidth. You can find that out by contacting your cable company, going to www.speedtest.net to test your network, or by booking a consultation with Cable Alternatives. Once you know the speeds you are working with, we will make a router and modem purchase recommendation. If you didn’t know, a router creates the network in your home, and your modem connects to the network that the router created. If your router and modem are older than three years, it may be time to upgrade to newer models.


The new and improved models can handle all smartphones, computers, smart TVs, tablets, and gaming consoles you can throw at it while maintaining uninterrupted streaming and Wi-Fi services. It will also save you money long-term on your cable bill, as cable companies typically charge a monthly fee to rent modems from them.


Don’t Listen to the cable Company

When cutting the cord, a lot of families wonder what speed they will need. For most of us. 25-30 mb/s is more then enough for streaming. However, when you call your cable company they sometimes tell you that you need an speeds of upwards of 80 or 100 mb/s in order to stream. Bottom line, you cable company is lying to you… again. They’re trying to get you to not cut the cord, or they’re trying to get as much money from you as possible. Don’t fall for the hype, call us, and we’ll give you the real story.



Hardwire Your Ethernet

Another way to guarantee that you attain uninterrupted internet service while streaming is to hardwire your internet with an ethernet cord. This is an amazing solution if you are streaming live TV through services like Sling TV, YouTube TV, or Roku. While not as convenient as Wi-Fi, it can be a great solution, especially for streaming video. You never need to worry about the feed cutting out, or other users hopping on the Wi-Fi and sucking down bandwidth. Worried about running wires through your house? We take care of it. Cable Alternatives does low-voltage electrical work. We can run wire through your walls and connect your devices directly to the internet while keeping everything invisible to you!



We are the Wi-Fi Experts

In Minneapolis and St. Paul, homeowners turn to Cable Alternatives for all their home networking and Wi-Fi needs. We provide a wide range of home network and Wi-Fi products and services that are ideal for your particular situation. Schedule online or call us at 763-571-1037 for a consultation!