Have you come to the realization you’re overpaying for your cable services? Cable providers tend to do a good job of making it seem like your life would be less complete without their services. However these days, there is a better way to watch your favorite TV shows and channels without that hefty price tag. When it’s time to cut the cord with cable, there are two methods you can choose from to get your favorite shows in your home.


1.      Over the Air


Major Broadcast TV networks still broadcast their signals over the air. And since network broadcasters began broadcasting digital signals in more recent years, they have added more stations to their offerings. You may not realize this, but there could be more broadcast television available in your area than you might think. In the Twin Cities area, we have up to 63 channels depending on where you live!

To get channels over the air, you will need a centrally-installed antenna. Cable Alternatives will install a central antenna in your home or on your roof, so you can watch from as many TVs as you want, without having to deal with those pesky rabbit ear antennas. If you have an HD TV (most TVs manufactured in the past 5-10 years are HD TVs), you can easily pull high-definition signals over the air. You don’t need a “Smart” TV to cut the cord. We can “Smarten up” any HDTV in order to meet your needs.


The placement of your installed antenna will affect the ability to receive over-the-air stations. If you choose to have an central antenna installed, Cable Alternatives will install it on the roof or in your attic, away from possible obstructions such as trees or other buildings.


2. Through the Internet


To get channels through the internet, you will need an internet service provider, a router, and a modem. If you’re thinking of getting rid of cable in your home, odds are you already have internet service connected in your home. If that’s the case, you should already have a router and modem (they may be combined into one box), and you already have a wireless signal available. If you don’t have a wireless internet network yet, one of our agents can come to your home and set it up for you.


Many newer TVs have internet connection capabilities with apps available to set up the connection. However, if you have a TV without internet connectability, many Blu-Ray players, gaming consoles, or designated streaming devices can easily bring internet to your display. Cable Alternatives offers various streaming devices that we can easily set up in your home. Once this device is connected to your TV, you will have internet capabilities to stream your favorite channels via internet.


We understand it might be a tough decision to get rid of cable, so our experts are here to make the transition simple and seamless. If you want to spend less money for television, contact us at 763-571-1037 to get started.