Stop constantly messing with your TV’s rabbit ear antenna and make the ultimate switch. It’s time to throw away your numerous store-bought antennas and sync your home’s TVs to work with one centrally-installed antenna. Whether you stream your favorite network TV shows online or prefer your area’s basic broadcasting network channels, our centrally installed digital antenna is the attractive and optimal solution for your home. Centrally-installed antenna benefits include:


●        More defined coverage. With a central antenna, you will never experience signal dropouts like you normally would with bunny ear antennas on your TV. Their specially-placed locations on the roof or attic will provide the best signal for your home.

●        No adjusting antennas. Once the central antenna is placed, it will rarely ever need to be moved or adjusted. However, if you have smaller antennas on any of your TVs, you may have to constantly adjust them to get an optimal signal.

●        Aesthetic appeal. Don’t bother with that ugly look of bunny ears on each of your TVs in your home. Keep your TVs looking good with an out-of-sight antenna installed in your home.

●        Reasonable cost. One centrally-installed antenna costs about the same as multiple rabbit ear antennas throughout the house. Looking at the similar costs, the benefit of a central antenna is that there will no longer be a need to constantly adjust those TV antennas every time the signal goes out.


Roof Installation


Keep all your favorite broadcasting channels with one centrally-installed roof antenna. Our antenna installations require experience and expertise because they require being placed in a specific area of the roof. The great thing about newer roof antennas is they are small and have a low profile, meaning they are difficult to see from the ground or road.


Living in a rural area can also mean more difficulty saying goodbye to your cable company, however a centrally-installed digital antenna can bring back all your favorite broadcast channels at a fraction of the cost of your typical cable bill. And don’t worry about the weather affecting your signal. Our digital antennas will still provide you with a clear picture, even in bad weather.


Attic Installation


The great thing about antennas is they don’t require to necessarily be on the roof, unlike satellite dishes. If you’re worried a roof antenna will be too unsightly for your home, or if your roof doesn’t allow for an optimal place for the antenna, our experts have experience installing the same antennas in attics. And there is no need to worry about the roof jamming the signal. Antennas don’t require an unobstructed view of the sky to work well.


Though it may seem like a tough decision to cut the cord from your home, our experts can help ease with the transition as your cable bills disappear. And if you’ve already made the switch but are still dealing with those pesky TV antennas, a centrally-installed antenna may be the best option for you. Contact us today to for more information regarding our various antenna services!