Moving is already stressful enough; don’t add to that stress by dealing with transferring information with your cable company. If you want to cut the cord but can’t decide when to make the plunge, we recommend our son-to-be transplants to wait until the big move. Whether you’re heading across town or to an entirely new state, cutting the cable cord can help make your moving experience much more convenient and stress-free. Here are four solid reasons cutting the cable cord during your move is in your best interest:


1.      Transfering your service. Don’t bother with the constant phone transfers and unclear answers from people in a completely different state. Transferring your cable service to a different home can be a hassle and way too time consuming during an already busy move.

2.      Your current provider doesn’t support your new area. All too often we see people who want to move while keeping their current cable provider, but they realize their provider doesn’t have service in their new residential area. If you wanted to stay with cable, you would have to go through the inconvenience of canceling your current service, returning the equipment, then signing up for a brand new service provider. During a move, no one has time for that.

3.      Moving cable boxes and cords. Assuming you’re moving to a location that your current provider supports, you will still need to transfer your cable boxes and cords. Most homes have more than one TV, therefore they have more than one cable box. Don’t stress about packing and moving your various cable equipment. It’s just one more thing to unpack.

4.      Possibly changing the name on the account. You could be moving for a variety of reasons. Are you recently married and changing your name prior to the move? Are you moving in with a loved one who will handle the cable expenses? Don’t hassle with contacting your cable company and changing the name on your account.


Moving can be expensive, so why should you also worry about overspending with your cable company? You’ll find that it is much more convenient to cut the cord when you move versus staying with your cable company. If you’re interested in still being able to watch your favorite shows, we can help you decide on a great alternative to cable that will be perfect for your lifestyle. Just contact us today to get started with your first consultation!