Have you come to the realization you’re simply paying too much for cable? Spring cleaning includes decluttering and downsizing, so why not do the same with your cable bill? Step into spring the right way, and kick that expensive bill to the curb by cutting the cord this season.


Why you should cut the cord this spring


1.      Save Money. With all the outdoor activities going on during the spring and summer, how often are you truly watching all those cable channels? Odds are, you’re unnecessarily paying for a monthly subscription that you barely use! Save your money by cutting that cable cord.

2.      Get off the Couch and Get Outside. Minnesotans are known for taking advantage of the great spring and summer weather after being cooped up indoors during the winter months. Getting rid of the ever-calling cable will give you an incentive to spend your time outdoors and enjoy the weather.

3.      What about sports? Good news! You can still watch your favorite sports channels—local and/or national—with either a digital antenna or an inexpensive subscription to any online streaming provider, such as Sling. Pay a fraction of what you’d normally pay with even the smallest cable package by streaming your favorite sports channels instead. If you’re an MLB fan, there are a variety of ways to access your favorite games for one low, yearly rate.

4.      Watch away from home. Springtime weather means us Minnesotans are always on the go. If you choose to cut the cord and instead stream your favorite shows with a particular service (such as Netflix or Hulu). You can easily take your entertainment on the go.

5.      Better quality. Have you ever been watching your cable TV and realized the picture was blurry? Many cable providers offer high-definition (HD) channels, however, you have to pay extra each month for high-quality HD channels. It’s time to dump that lower-quality cable. With streaming channels online, everything is digitalized, so you’ll never encounter a fuzzy picture again.


This day and age, there are more options for watching your favorite shows without having to put up with that hefty cable price. If you’re looking to downsize this spring, let our experts set you up with a digital antenna so you can access all your favorite local broadcasting stations. If you’re into a select group of large network stations, all you need is a strong internet connection and the help of one of our recommended streaming devices. If you’d like more information, check out all of our cutting-the-cord services, or contact Cable Alternatives today!