In order to have internet in your home or apartment, you will want to have a modem or modem/router combination in place. But how does owning a modem relate to alternatives for cable? If you choose to go the route of owning a smart TV or streaming your favorite shows and movies with a separate media player, a modem is required to be able to access the internet.


Once you’ve selected your speed with your internet service provider, you’ll need to decide if you want to rent or purchase your own modem. Here are some helpful tips for making that decision a bit easier:


When You Should Rent a Modem


●        If you have roommates. When you first move into an apartment or home, it’s easy to divide the price of the modem among the roommates, however, who gets it when it’s time to move out? Don’t deal with the hassle of settling on who gets the modem, rent it, split the bill while you’re using it, then return the modem once you’re done.

●        If your employer pays the bill. In many cases, a company pays an employee’s internet if he/she primarily works from home. So if you’re fortunate to work for a company that pays your internet bill, odds are your company will also pay for the equipment. In this case, it’s best to rent the modem instead of purchasing one yourself.

●        If you’re moving soon. If you know your living situation is temporary, renting a modem is probably the better choice. This way you won’t have to worry about this extra item to pack and unpack when you move.


When You Should Buy a Modem


●        If your living situation is permanent. Just like it makes sense to rent a modem when you’re thinking of moving, the opposite is true if you’re in a permanent residence. If you’ve decided you’re settling in one location for the long haul, you should invest in your own modem.

●        If you don’t mind a higher up-front bill. When you rent a modem, not only will you be required to pay the monthly internet bill, you’ll also be required to pay the modem rental fee. If you prefer a higher up-front payment that leads to eventual cost savings, buying a modem is the best choice.


If you’re interested in switching to an online streaming service, and you’re still having trouble deciding whether to rent or purchase a modem, Cable Alternatives can help you make the decision. We’ll assess your specific needs, requirements, and budget to make the decision easier. Once you’ve chosen which route to go, we can get your modem connected and set up your media streaming device or smart TV, so you can start watching your favorite shows again. Contact us today at 763-571-1037 to get started!