In the last decade, we have begun to see a rise in the use of TV antennas. They have become increasingly popular with the steady decline of cable TV. High cable costs and spotty satellite service have been the driving factors of Twin Cities metro residents dumping their cable companies and switching to antenna.


During our initial consultation, we will get to know more about you, your TV-viewing habits, and the reasons you want to cut the cable cord for good. We will then provide a list of potential options best suited for your lifestyle—one of which could be a switch to antenna-based TV. But how do you know which type of antenna is best suited for you? Contact us today to learn more about our digital antenna options.


Types of Antennas


●        Roof & Attic Antenna | Roof and attic antennas function the same, however, where they’re installed is different. This over-the-air antenna works by pulling TV signals from the air, similar to a radio. In the past, it was virtually the only way to watch TV until cable made its way to the forefront. These antennas are great for those who live anywhere from 1-50 miles from the original broadcasting location for each station. Depending on your signal needs, we will help you select the type of single- or multi-directional antenna reception option that’s right for you.


Where the antenna is installed depends on your home’s location as well as your personal preferences. One of the more common antenna installations is on the roof of the home. And because it doesn't rely on a satellite signal, you will always have a signal, even in bad weather.


Attic antenna installations are great if you want the antenna to be virtually hidden from view, which some homeowners associations require. And there’s no need to worry about your home’s roof blocking the signal. As with any outdoor antenna, you will always have a clear signal to watch your favorite channels.


●        Tower Antenna | Tower antennas are ideal for most rural areas where getting a TV signal can be more of a task. The further you live from the initial broadcasting site, the more likely you’ll need an antenna with a stronger reach. So if you live in a rural area outside the Twin Cities metro area, a tower antenna may be the best option for you.


●        Master Antenna | A master antenna is ideal for an apartment building or condo complex. Distributing a digital TV signal to an entire building is easy with a master antenna, so whether you’re a landlord wanting to provide your tenants with a cheaper TV-viewing option, or a tenant wanting to cut the cable cord, Cable Alternatives has the antenna solution for you.


Are you finally ready to cut the cable cord for good? Just remember, you can still watch your favorite local channels without the headache of a cable bill with a digital antenna. Contact us today at (763) 571-1037 to learn more about your cord-cutting options.