If you've switched to Digital TV (DTV), you're probably wondering how to use it effectively. Switching to all-digital television might seem like a difficult choice at first, but its benefits make up for the hassle. Digital TV is definitely superior in quality and clarity versus analog TV.


In fact, a weak analog signal might appear on a television screen beneath a grainy, or "snowy" picture. This might seem a little annoying, but it's still viewable. DTV signals are pretty strong, but they can sometimes weaken. Still, their audio and video can cut in and out during some circumstances. Below, we're covering some tips concerning television signals and the efficiency of your TV box.


Tip One: Multipath | In a multipath, some of the TV signals rebound off tall buildings and other structures, and arrive a bit later than direct signals. An analog signal, meanwhile, might appear with a ghostly image, which is a slightly displaced and faint duplicate of itself.

A digital signal might produce the same impact as a weak signal, but still tends to be crisper. Either the picture exists as a ghost-free version of itself, the audio is lost, or the entire video can be lost.


To fix a multipath issue, make sure your reflected signal isn't weak. If it is, it may not hold a lock, which will cause the direct signal to be interfered with by the reflected signal. This confuses the receiver. If the issue continues, contact a Cable Alternatives expert for a quick assessment.


Tip Two: Move the Antenna | To get a better signal, move the antenna to a new location. Moving the antenna even a few inches can make a difference. It's often best to wait several minutes before checking the signal's integrity again.

Next, consider re-aiming the antenna if you're using an outdoor antenna. Doing so can reduce, or even eliminate, signal interference. Outdoor antennas typically get better reception than indoor antennas, by default.


Tip Three: Watch the Signal Strength Meter | Next, take care in watching your device's signal strength meter on your digital-to-analog converter box. While a small lag sometimes follows the movement and signal strength change, the fluctuation is typically quick.

Tip Four: Install an Amplifier | Signal amplifiers, or even signal boosters, can greatly enhance the strength of your signal. These amplifiers tend to be cheap, and in rare cases can even be free if one knows where to look. At the beginning of amplifier installation, you'll start to notice a little signal feedback which might make the signal hard to make out. This will change quickly, however, as the device adjusts.

Cut the Cable Cord Today!

Whether you wish to use an amplifier or relocate your device's antenna to boost your signal, increasing your DTV's reach isn't too difficult. However, at the end of the day, taking good care of your devices will make the most difference.


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