In competitive housing markets, any additional benefits you can offer your tenants can help you stand out among your competitors. Being able to offer free, local channels to all of your tenants is a fantastic incentive. By installing a master antenna on the roof of your condo or apartment building, you can provide free cable, with sharp and clear quality. Below, we take a closer look at digital antennas and how they work.


How Do Digital Antennas Work?

Over-the-air antennas can be installed on the roof of a building, an attic, or on the ground nearby, and they capture local stations and broadcasts. Today’s digital antennas work by detecting and broadcasting television signals from local air waves. With modern digital antennas, people are able to enjoy high definition television feeds with little to no interruptions because of weather.


For larger apartment buildings where multiple tenants could be utilizing the antenna television, it’s best to use a master antenna. Our team will install a master antenna on the roof of your apartment building so you can distribute digital service to all of your tenants.


What Stations are Available on a Digital Antenna?

Residents residing in the Twin Cities typically receive about 20 to 30 different local stations. Included are all of the big broadcasting channels like KARE 11 (NBC), Public TV (PBS), WCCO 4 (CBS), KSTP 5 (ABC), Fox 9, and more. With these stations included, it’s completely possible to watch the local news and local sports—all the things our Twin Cities residents love!


What is the Benefit for Tenants?

Tenants will be thrilled with the television stations provided through a master antenna because they will have the choice to go with cable or the free antenna option. With the antenna, they can receive all the benefits of local stations without having a monthly bill. Not only will tenants enjoy up to 30 of their favorite stations, but they will be able to watch their favorite shows with high definition and clarity. Often, people report the signal they receive through an over-the-air antenna is sharper and clearer than traditional cable service.


Make the Switch Today

Potential tenants have several choices when it comes to housing options. Being able to offer an incentive, like cheaper alternatives to cable, can be quite appealing for people looking to reduce living expenses.


At Cable Alternatives, we can provide solutions to keep you and your tenants happy, including master antenna installations. To learn more about how a digital antenna can benefit your current and future tenants, contact our team today at 763-571-1037, or you can message us on our contact page.