If you own a smart TV but don’t understand all of its amazing capabilities, there’s a chance you could be operating it like a traditional television. But having a Smart TV allows you to connect to the internet and take advantage of all the technology available today.

Many smart TVs, just like computers or mobile phones, allow you to download apps and use your television for TV-viewing services and other services you never thought possible. Below, we will take a look at just a few of the applications you can use for your smart TV.


TV Streaming

Because your smart TV is connected to the internet, you have the ability to stream your favorite shows on your TV. Not only are you able to stream basic network shows with certain applications, but you are able to use streaming applications such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant.


These services offer movies, television shows, documentaries, and so much more. Many of the streaming networks require monthly subscriptions, but compared to traditional cable costs, these subscriptions are nominal fees. Plus, these streaming networks carry exclusive movies and network shows that aren’t available on traditional cable stations.


Music Listening

Are you hosting a get-together or holiday party at your home this year? Take advantage of your smart TV’s amazing speakers to make the perfect home entertainment system.


Smart TVs allow you to download a variety of apps that not only let you stream live music from radio stations, but some even grant you access to their entire music libraries. Companies such as Spotify require monthly subscription fees but give you unlimited access to music. Plus, depending on the type of smart TV you have, you may be able to get access to Pandora and iTunes.


Fitness Apps

Are you thinking of setting a new healthy resolution this new year? Your smart TV has the ability to help you reach your fitness goals! There are many different fitness apps designed specifically for your smart TV.


If you are looking for an app to help you reach your nutritional and activity goals, try Fitness VOD or Check Body. Other apps, such as Yoga TV will walk you through yoga exercises to strengthen the body and relax the mind. You don't have to spend a fortune on a gym membership and personal trainer when you have the ability to download apps and exercise at home.


At Cable Alternatives, we understand that cable is becoming an unnecessary expense when there are so many other viewing options available. Let our team help you cut the cord once and for all. We can help you install, program, and even calibrate your smart TV to match your specific viewing needs. To learn more about our smart TV setup services, contact our team today at 763-571-1037, or you can message us on our contact page.